beatstep pro / fl studio feedback issue

hi there friends, this is my problem: arturia beatstep pro has a known midi feedback loop issue when using the transport buttons in fl studio.

i was able to get the stop button to stop in bome. 

i tried setting up the play button to hit play as well but it stops as soon as i hit it. i did figure out that for some reason when i leave those 2 mapped like that , when i hold the stop+play = it will actually play in fl studio.

so im thinking if there is a way to make a 3rd map where it triggers both the stop+play button to hit play (without actually pushing the stop+play)? can anybody help?


here are the translators/mappings i have so far:



incoming: B0 36 pp

outgoing: B0 75 pp



incoming: B0 33 pp

outgoing: B0 74 pp


now is there a way that when i trigger the play button it will act as if i am triggering both the stop+play at the same time so it triggers: : B0 75 pp  (which the FL Studio play note) ?

any help is greatly appreciated, i will even donate some money via paypal if you would like.


thank you so much.

Hi, what type of controller do you have defined in FL Studio? I'm not sure how the mapping of Stop and Play works in FL Studio for various controllers. It is possible that FL Studio is looking for any value in which you may need to suppress value other then 127 (7FH)


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Hi, if your BeatStep Pro support MIDI Machine Control (MMC), then set it up for that and it should work.

If not, the incoming messages from what you sent me are translated to MMC in the attached project file.


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hi, in FL Studio: controller sync (clock out) : Beatstep Pro.the beatstep syncs up fine.
I have enabled beatstep pro as midi input to use the transport buttons (play/pause) under the controller i set it to M-Audio Oxygen 25 keyboard . the CC notes for that are:

Play: cc 117
Stop: cc 116
Record: cc 118

I changed the notes in Beatstep Pro midi control editor to those notes accordingly.

FL Studio recognizes the notes just fine. but it freezes/ and the beatstep pro lights go crazy and freezes as well (midi feedback loop) . So right now i cannot use/ and have changed the notes on the beatstep pro back to default so i dont accidentally trigger them and cause a midi loop feedback while working on a project.

Is there a workaround?or how to prevent a midiloop feedback ? this controller is a bit expensive lol. I have contacted Arturia and they know about the issue but no fix!! lol

OK, I guess I'm not sure what you are doing. Are you trying to trigger the Beatstep Pro transport buttons with your M-Audio and/or FL Studio, or are you trying to trigger FL Studio with Beatstep Pro?

My guess is that you are trying to trigger FL Studio with the notes and then FL Studio in return is sending MMC messages back to Beatstep Pro which need to be suppressed.

You may need to set it up so that if you press the transport play/pause button on Beatstep Pro that you disable MMC feedback from FL Studio. (except maybe the MMC Stop command).

Also on the Beatstep Pro you probably need to disable MIDI thru and maybe that is all you need to do.

Are you using External Sync (from FL Studio) or internal Sync (from Beatstep Pro)?

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thank you very much. i opened the preset you sent me.

what should be the settings in BOME? enable in and out from beatstep pro and enable bome virtual ports 1 in and out?> , what about routing? i uploaded the preset you gave me , should hopefully show you what my routing looks like as well.. when i enable beatstep pro as midi in and set it to controller: Mackie Universal Control, i hit play and nothing happens.


thanks again.


i'm trying to sync beatstep pro as slave from FL Studio. In beatstep , there is no midi-thru option.

beatstep pro setting... no midi thru option.


uploading a video right now.will post soon.. in the meantime, i plugged in a gamepad/ usb controller. tried to translate but BOME doesnt recognize it as a midi device. using Fergo JoystickMIDI , which sees the gamepad and lets me translate it into CC notes to trigger the play/ there a way to make this usb gamepad to appear as a midi device in BOME? i guess i can settle for that work around if BOME lets me map the usb gamepad, but doesnt show as midi device :( .


OK, here is what I did. I have a regular BeatStep


Set up FL Studio output BMT 1 Sync type MIDI Clock

Set up FL Studio input BMT1 generic controller.

Enable Image-Line Remote (not sure if this make a difference).

Important. I had issues getting FL Studio to send MIDI Clock and had to mess around with disabling and re-enabling until I finally got it working. I looked at the log window in MT Pro and then pressed play and stop in FL Studio until I finally saw MIDI clock being sent.

For you Beatstep, set it for external sync. The MIDI clock signals will then start and stop your sequencer.

If you want to start/stop FL Studio with your BeatStep, I set it up so you you could go to controller mode and then press one of the pads. The pad sends a note value and I have the translator set up to convert to MMC Start and Stop MMC commands to FL Studio. Then I go back from Controller mode to Sequencer Mode to run the Arturia Sequencer.

I didn\'t do anything with Mackie, since my Beatstep (non-Pro) does not have a Mackie Mode.

I set MIDI Thru Paths between back and forth for other MIDI message to pass thru untouched. The Alias \"Application\" is set up to point to Bome MIDI Translator 1.


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