Behavior of the Interface does not match the demo in the Introduction Video

Hi, y’all. New user here. At 1:50 in the Introduction Tutorial, the narrator clicks on a Preset project and says “A few things happen: these Menu buttons at the top light up and I can Duplicate or Rename this Preset…” But my Interface does not behave that way. I created a preset, added some translators and saved the project. Today, I launched BMT and can see my Preset in the left column. I select the Preset, but my buttons do NOT ‘light up’. Only when I select an individual Translator do the Menu buttons become activated. Is this a known phenomenon? Or do I need to report a bug? I realize that when software gets upgraded (mine is version 1.9.0, on a Mac w. M1) that it is not always practical to go back and remake every video. And sometimes Macs don’t operate precisely the same as Windows PCs (thank Stephen - I mean God)(NOTE: Comment in previous parens is a JOKE. Please Google JOKE.)

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Yes, you are correct. In the newer versions of Bome MIDI Translator Pro the behavior of the buttons along the top are different. Only the items that are relevant for the select you have are enabled. Most of the time, the disabled items are usually just “Save” if the project has already been saved or “Paste Clip” if the clipboard is entry. Maybe it is time to update the video soon. Thanks for pointing this out! This video I believe used 1.8.2 which was sometime in Summer 2015.

Also, yes the look and feel on the Mac is a bit different (following apples UI) and a few functions (like AppleScript) which is only available on Mac.

Feel free to ask other questions as they come up. New users are usually our best source for identifying issues that may require updates to the tutorials or the documentation.

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