Behringer X-Touch Compact Extended Functionality MT Pro Script

Hi Everyone.

I just created a project file to extend the existing features of my X-touch MINI. It allows for both Mackie MCU and Layer Mode to Interface with your DAW's at the same time. You can switch between Mackie and Layer modes with double push gesture of the "REC" button . All fader positions and button states will be remembered when switching among modes. From your DAW standpoint, it looks to 1 pair of virtual MIDI ports for the Mackie controller and another pair for the Layer mode. If your DAW sends to the non-active mode the updates are still processed internally by MT Pro and then updates the LEDs and fader locations when you next switch modes. You could actually also use with two DAW's by having one DAW look at the Mackie pair of Virtual ports and the other look at the Layer pair.


I spent many hours developing this solution and will make it available at a price of $25 USD if you drop me an email. I have a project with similar functionality (but less buttons of course) for the Behringer X-Touch MINI and will sell copies of this project file for the same price if interested.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

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