Behringer X-Touch (Full) midi fader output

Hi, I want to use my X-Touch to control my console software from Universal Audio (UA). UA console is not compatible with controllers but I found an app called UA Midi Controller made by Radu Varga which makes it possible to communicate both ways with UA console. The problem for me are the faders from X-Touch. They send midi code (Note and Pitch wheel) and I need that to be changed to CC. I understand the BMT software but Midi code is another thing. Are there examples which give me a direction to try this out. So the signal direction is X-Touch -> BMT (virtual out) -> UA midi control -> UA console and vice versa. I tested some things like buttons and that works okay. Thanks for any help.

Hi, Try this project file for Fader 1 only.

There are four aliases. Please point your 2 X-Touch aliases to your actual device. You will likely get prompted when you open the file. If not go to the MIDI menu and then click \"Edit Project Port Aliases\" to assign them

I suggest you use Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual In and Out for your UA-Control assignments. Then set up UA-Control to look at BMT1 instead of your X-Touch.

Set up your X-Touch for Mackie Mode.


In this example, I convert fader 1 to CC64 (First preset and translator) to send to UA-Control.

The second preset is set up to convert CC64 back to Fader 1 on your X-touch.

As long as UA-Control sends CC64 back to BMT1 this should move your motorized fader assuming you have UA-Control set up to UA console and you are moving the fader on UA Console. UA-Console and UA-Control need to be able to pass MIDI messages in both directions for this to work correctly.


Change the CC number as required for your Fader.

Mackie protocol uses pitch bend for fader movements - E0 pp qq for fader 1 , E1 pp qq for fader 2 up to E7 pp qq for fader 8 and E8 pp qq for master fader. This is why you need to set up your X-touch for Mackie Mode.

In this example I have set up Preset Fader to CC with X-touch as input and UA-Control as output. I set up CC to Fader with UA-Control as input and X-touch as output. Any translators under this preset will follow that convention unless you override them within the translator.

The below video tutorial shows how port assignments work in MT Pro.

PS. If resolution of your physical fader is to low when you move it, set up in rules of Fader to CC, translator Fader 1 so that it reads rr=0. My controller that I testing with is not standard Mackie so it sent with the bytes reversed (rr=1).


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Thank you. It works. Now see if I can get the knobs and buttons to work. 

Great to hear!

Hello Steve, I got everything working including the encoder knobs on the X-touch. Is there a way to use the light rings around the encoder knobs? I cannot find anything about this to get it working.

Hi, look at page 112 in the link provided below. It should provide you want you need.


Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services:

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