Behringer X-Touch Mini with Capture One rotationary knobs configuration



I'm completely new to Bome and bought it in order to configure my Capture One software with it. I have a Beringer X-Touch Mini and so far I was able to easily configure the one key behavior and assign it to a function but been scratching my head and searching for a solution for the knobs and faders configuration but so far nothing specific for my needs.

What I wanted to have on the knobs is the possibility to have them at the middle position (lights on middle of the knob) and when I turn right the light will go on to the right and a key message would be sent to Capture one to move one point up (the knob already does this but cannot send the commands correctly to Capture One). If I rotate the knob counter clockwise it will move back one point and so does the light and if I press the knob down it will reset the values.

Would something like this be possible with Bome? Anyone can show me how to make them work as I tried a couple of settings and so far no luck with the knobs or the fader.

Thank you for this wonderful software and any help would be much appreciated.

Best regards, Rui

Hi, before I go into to much detail, maybe you should look at the following post as this user had the same configuration as you have. He never told me if the X-touch could send relative output values, but in my research I don’t think it can so he solved this a different way. Please feel free to come back for more help if you need it. If you do, it would help if you were to hook it up to Bome MIDI translator Pro and tell me the controller number and value your knob is putting out that you want to use to control Capture One. My guess is it will NOT be either HUI mode or Mackie Mode.




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Dear Steve thank you for your quick answer I will try this and give you some feedback.

Meanwhile can you help me out sorting what could be misleading my keyboard. I explain:
I have Portuguese keyboard only with my mac but when I try to program bome for the outgoing key stroke actions I get English keyboard and most of the time it’s a pain to find out where the symbols are (ex. where I should have the + I get a = where I should have the – I get /. Sometimes I can get it to work by changing from Physical Keys to Text but if I need to apply any cmd, alt, ctr commands then I cannot have the + and – and could not be able to configure this properly. Any place where I can configure bome default keyboard so it could map my keyboard or do I have to get a virtual keyboard to program on bome when I need to this?

Again, thank for the help and will give some feedback later on.

Hello Steve,

finally got the faders working with the link you have sent me (needed to change Capture One default keys until bome can recognize my default keyboard as I cannot get some keys to configure well as explain on my earlier post) but now I have this kind of strange behavior, I explain:

when I move the knob it works great except that when it reaches the end (either left or right) it starts to move the opposite direction. If I disable the translator “– beyond full” (that I do not understand what it’s doing) then the knob will work only to a certain point either up or down and if I change the slider in Capture one it will not update the lights on X-Touch Mini and the knob will continue it’s way through.

It looks like the knob will go all the way up to 127 and then when it reaches this value instead of stopping it continues but descending. On the Log Window as it reaches 0 or 127 gives me the message
28823: IN 2.4 Control Change on ch. 11 with CC#:3 (0x03) and value:pp=127
28824: RULE 2.4 assignment: (ga=pp) = 127
28825: OUT 2.0 º : keystroke suppressed (main window active)

and when it get’s to 0 I have the same message

29300: OUT 2.1 ç : keystroke suppressed (main window active)
29301: IN 2.4 Control Change on ch. 11 with CC#:3 (0x03) and value:pp=0
29302: RULE 2.4 assignment: (ga=pp) = 0

Any help would be appreciated.

Could not find on the link a way to program the encoder so when I push it dow it will reset it’s value.

Thank you for the help

Dear Steve after much trial and error I have made this work but only translates to encoders that go from 0-127.

I have several parts of Capture One where the encoder has default position in the middle of the bar and so far could not figure how to configure a translator for this. Moving left and right and having the center has default position.

Also could not figure it out how to make Capture One communicate with Bome in order to update and automate it’s lights accordingly to the position of the encoder, any videos on this topic?

Any help would be great at this point.

Thank you

Dear Steve, sorry about all this but I’m completely new to this and the learning curve is so tough that I need to dig a lot over the internet about Bome, rules and mapping that takes me more time trying to find how things work than actually programming them.

I was able to reset the light on the controller by simply creating a translator that would give me the value I needed for the light, unfortunately could not make also the slider move to the desire position yet. Having the light reset to the middle was perfect, now I need to find way to apply a rule or something to reset the knob values to the same value as the light.
I also tried to map double click of the mouse to the mapping but it only works if the mouse pointer is positioned on top of the slider otherwise it does not work.

Here is what I’ve got:

Translator 1.0: Light Click Reset
Options: swallow
Incoming: Note On on ch. 11 with note:0 (0x00) set ‘pp’ to velocity
Outgoing: Control Change on ch.11 with CC#:1 (0x01) and value:64 (0x40)

The value 64 represents the middle of the knob. I have 13 lights (6 left, 6 right and 1 on the center) on each knob and value 64 indicates the 7th light that’s the middle of each knob.

Is there a rule I can add to configure the knob to reset at center by value and light and each time I rotate the knob it will start at that middle position?

Thank you

Hi, I believe C1 uses the NumberPAD + and – as opposed to the keys on the top row of the keyboard. DId you try that? You should use physical keys. The best way to program them are to put in the keystrokes with your keyboard. If you are using Alt Num+ for instance, you would go to the box with the in coming keystroke, push and hold that Alt Key down then put the Num+ key on your keyboard. Then release both keys.
It should show as Alt(Num+)
If the parenthesis are not as shown above your are entering the keystroke wrong. Could you give this a try?

Hi, there are a few issues I’m hearing here.

1) X-touch does not have continuous relative encoders, only absolute.
2) Lights don’t match what C1 shows

For the first issue, there are other ways to make non-continuous controllers act like continues “kind of”.
The way I recommend is that you use the center point ( value 64) as the 0 output. I usually make it a range
(say 60-68) so that I have a bit of wiggle room. When you move above 68 we set of a timer to send out keystrokes (like ALT(Num+) at a reasonable rate. If you move the value bot to between 60-68 the timer is killed and the keystrokes stop.

Then another timer when the value is below 60 to send count keystrokes Alt(Num-). Again when centering the knob, the timer is killed.

This way you never run out of room.

The tricker part is the speed of the keystrokes on each timer to match your “feel”.

Now on the issue of the lights. You could have another translator that monitors a “loop back” from your output to set the lights. Basically these would be timers (like the keystoke timers) that increment and decrement tha value fed back to your controller (if your controller recognizes them). If you controller doesn’t recognize them, then, you probably won’t be able to use the lights on the knobs and will need to rely on the visual feedback from C1.

I’m attaching a project file that provides to the mapping of Absolute to keystrokes. Of course you will need to change your own input control messages.


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Thanks Steve but unfortunately my Mac keyboard does not have a keypad, for the moment my only option is to change the keyboard shortcuts on Capture One (also tried mac virtual keyboard without any success), would be great if Bome could implement a preset keyboard default settings under the configurations this way anyone could use their settings under their own language and if changed then just a quick switch of the keyboard and everything would be smooth again, but thanks again for the suggestion.

Thank you I will look into this and will let you know something has it looks like what I’m looking for. Will test this to see if I can come up with those results, thank you again

Interesting the Capture One would use as a default shortcut a key that doesn’t exist on your keyboard.
Looks like you will need to reprogram your Capture One defaults.

Dear Steve tested this but it seems that something is not right, first when I turn the knob I’ve got an never ending count loop on the log window and the slider moves quickly left and right and resets itself at the same time. Every time I turn the knob left or right it moves one step click and then resets immediately back to it’s initial position it does not stay at a value either left or right, does this need to be configured on the Initial Delay?
This creates and never ending problem on the knob not usable.
Found one of the pp missing in one of the copied rules and was causing this problem but now I have a never ending scaling numbers on Capture One dial that never stops. If I turn the knob right it will start to increase the value and it does not stop not even with ESC, the same happens when I dial it down and the log keeps on going…

Hi, Please hit the ESC key on your keyboard while Bome MT is not in focus and try again. The ESC key initializes the global variables which indicates the thresholds for left and right.

Hi Rui,

I also had the X-touch mini and it can send relative output values. But it does not work very well with capture one as there is no way to get feedback from C1 to get the led collar values correct. Those will be all over the place. That is why I decided to sell it.

I now work with the Arturia Beatstep controller and it is great.

Hope that helps….


Hi David, thanks for chiming in!