Behringer X-Touch Mini

I try to map x-touch mini to serato dj pro (to controll 8 sample deck volume) in MC mode.Evereything is working except the encoders leds.Can someone help me?How make working knobs leds in MC mode or how create knobs acceleration on MIDI mode…(sory for my english…)

Hi, the below should give you an idea. Here I have 1 translator that is set up to control all 8 VPOT rings. I set up the incoming CC’s in rules as 16-23 on MIDI CH 1 with value qq. I assume this will come from Serato DJ. You should be able to adjust based on the CC’s that Serato DJ sends.

For outgoing, Mackie V-Pot rings use CC 0x30-0x37. Instead of a range of 0-127, they use a range of 0-11 in the lowest 4 bits of the value. The upper 4 bits are for the following:
Bit 6 - On = show center detent
Bit 5-4 - This sets the LED ring mode/type
Bits 3-0 - This sets the value
In my example I set bits 6-4 to value of 0 which is no center detent and single dot mode

I then use scaling to convert the incoming value 0-127 to an outgoing value of 0-11.
The rules are all commented.

To learn about scaling, see this tutorial.

I set up my aliases as shown below:


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

Here is the project file:

CC-to-Mackie-VPOT-Rings.bmtp (1.6 KB)

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