Behringer X-Touch One reset/re-init


I was wondering if anybody knows a reset MIDI command/sysex for the Behringer XTouch One? I have it set up with BMT so it works great with many apps, but once I load up my DAW that accesses it directly through Mackie and then close the DAW it appears that XTouch doesn’t get properly reset on exit (many lights are still on as they were when used in the DAW), so it stops working with other apps until I reset it with Stop+Pan press (or turn it on/off). So I thought maybe there’s a sysex command that I can run on the DAW exit to do the same to get it reset for use with any other translators. Many thanks!

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First of all, are you on Windows or Mac? If you are on Windows, then it is likely that the MIDI port for your X-Touch One is still being held open. On Windows, you can only access a given MIDI port from one application at a time. If this is the case, there is not much you can do about it unless you can figure out how to close the port so that it can be opened by Bome MIDI Translator Pro. This is what is likely happening when you turn your controller off and on again.

Bome MIDI Translator Pro also has an outgoing action to ‘Restart a MIDI Port’. You can try that, if you don’t have access to the port. It will usually show as ‘pending’ in Bome MIDI Translator Pro if it cannot open the port. Of course, if the port is still opened by another application, this may not help.

If the port is being held open, maybe you should set up MT Pro with your DAW with MIDI thru routes so that the same port will be used.

Now if port access is not the problem, I would suggest talking to Behringer but not until you make sure you have installed the latest firmware from their web site. They really should know best on how to set the X-Touch One back to a known state.

Of course you could send several Mackie commands to your controller to see if that helps (if it is not a port open issue). Like sending a couple of bank left and track left commands to make sure your controller is looking at the right track.

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Thank you for your reply! The port isn’t busy, actually the buttons continue to work with the different translators after I exit the DAW, the motor fader does not though until I reset the XTouch. I’ve tied to capture the Mackie commands the DAW sends to the controller on startup to try to replicate its initialization but looks like XTouch doesn’t react to them outside the DAW, nothing happens when I send them.

I think the X-Touch One firmware is smart enough to know what the fader track it is on when connected to a DAW. So it remembers 8 tracks, but I’m not sure how it knows which track the fader should follow.

On my X-touch One I can send fader commands using raw MIDI
E0 pp qq and the fader moves Were pp and qq are hex values. If that doesn’t work try E1 pp qq through E7 pp qq and see if it moves that way.

E0 7F 7F should make it go all the way to the top and
E0 00 00 should make it go all the way to the bottom.

Again, if E0 doesn’t work try E1-E7 to see if that helps. I think Behringer may have made the controller to smart for it’s own good but I think they did that so they could retain scribble strip integrity across 8 MIDI channels

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What DAW are you using?

You can also try this prior to sending to your fader. It will unselect all tracks in the current bank and then select track 1

// deselect all tracks
90 18 00
90 19 00
90 1A 00
90 1B 00
90 1C 00
90 1D 00
90 1E 00
90 1F 00
// select track 1

90 18 7F

Then send
E0 00 00
To bring the fader all the way down and
E0 7F 7F
to bring the fader all the way up

Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services:

I’m still testing things here, but looks like sending 90 18 7F on DAW exit did the trick beautifully, thank you so much!! So I guess the problem was that wrong track was still selected on DAW exit, so moving the fader for a different app expecting entry on track one didn’t work. Thank you Steve!

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