Behringer X32 CC to control faders Pro Tools HUI

This version provide a 1 second delay when moving the fader in the application going back to the fader of the controller. This might be the best way to stop the faders from fighting themselves. It is also important in Pro Tools that if there is a setting for touch/release, you have it set. There should be no reason to be sending fader position back to the controller while it is still being touched.

HUI-2Faders-example-2023-05-26b.bmtp (5.0 KB)

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This version ignores anything coming back from Pro Tools faders while you are physically moving the faders.

HUI-2Faders-example-2023-05-26c.bmtp (5.0 KB)

This version is working!!! :partying_face: :smiley:
At least with 2 faders, works great!

The version 2023-05-26b was very funny though :grin:
After move the fader, it enters in a loop and don`t stop moving anymore (up and down)…

So, I need to ask you, what now? I can use this example to continue with more faders? Any observation about any rules or something?

Steve, God bless you! Your attenction and patience with this project was incredible!
I wish you the best!

Yes continue on with the other faders. Rules should be the same but pay close attention to the patterns on the HUI side. Just a few bytes change depending on the fader number.


Hi Steve!

I programmed 2 more banks of 8 faders each, and they work only from PT to X32.
The first 8 faders are working normally (bi-directiinal).

Can you help?

You may need to do something similar that I did with the first bank of faders and set up a busy flag so that the feedback doesn’t interfere with your moving of faders.

I would suggest you turn on your log in MT Pro and see if you can determine what is happening. I suspect you will find that the feedback from Pro tools is fighting with your faders as was happening in the first bank. Also remember, the each bank from Pro Tools needs its own MIDI port in both directions.

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