Better and more stable Windows inject event

I am using the Midi Translator together with a Donner Starrypad to control recording of Rekordbox via Keypress Simulation.
But this works very combersome.
I have many situation where Rekordbox is not in the Focus and then the Keypresses are not send to Rekordbox.
So I configured to usw Windows inject events anf Focus the whole app ‘/JUCE_186d5597ac0’
But the Target control Identifier changes all the time and need to recaptured after every restart.
I tried to use the app title rekordbox (like a screenshot with notepad++ in the help). But don`t work!
Just a simple windows resize breaks the mechanism, or moving to another screen.
Other Macro-Automation tools, using the App title only and work very relaible.
Unfortanetly, because Rekordbox has no midi control to enable record and stop, I have to do it this way with the Midi Translator.
But if I don get this to work, th whole product is useless for me :frowning:
Any hints?

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

For injected events, we are pretty much at the mercy of the application developer regarding their level of support. Some applications do well, and others not so much.
For those that don’t handle injected events well or that change their injection parameters, it is best to instead use 2 translators. The first translator to change application focus and the second to send the keystroke after a short delay (to give time for Windows to switch applications).

Attached is an example. In this case I change focus to notepad with the first translator and then the second to send the keystroke to the then focused application after a delay of 20ms.

Focus-with-Delay-Keystroke.bmtp (1.1 KB)

You will likely need to change the incoming MIDI message type, the application you wish to focus and the outgoing keystroke for your application.

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