Bitwig Track Record & Solo no LED feedback.. workaround

Hey all

I am having an issue with LED feedback on my Novation Launchpad mini 3 and Bitwigs Solo and Record buttons.

The problem is for some reason The track record and solo buttons don’t respond to an off or zero value... so LEDs on launchpad can never be locked to the daw... ( I really can’t wrap my head around the decision to have the buttons behave like this but I suppose that’s a discussion for there forum)

My ultimate goal is to have 24 record arm buttons and 24 solo buttons on my launchpad and have led feedback.. much easier then scrolling through the daw.

my solution that I can think of is to set launchpad to channel 2 and have Bome translate all Cc value 0 to value 127 with a rule... it’s not perfect because if I accidentally press a track record button on the screen the led feedback goes all out of wack but if I’m careful I suppose it’s something... ( can’t wait for midi 2.0 btw this stuff can be so silly sometimes)

if you think this is my best option would you mind telling me a rule that would convert all my CCs (on channel 2) value 0 to value 127 ?


if there is a better option you can think of (fingers crossed) I’d love to hear it.


all the best

Yes, I would recommend you set up Bitwig to use a Mackie MCU control surface. and set the input and output to BMT 1. Then use your Launchpad buttons to translate between what they send to what a Mackie MCU device would expect.

Record Arm is Note 0-7 On MIDI CH 1 for tracks 1-8

Solo is Note 8-15 On MIDI CH 1 for tracks 1-8

Then you can set a button for bank Left (Mackie MCU note 46) and bank right (Mackie MCU note 47). If you want to control tracks beyond the first 8.

You can reverse the process to update LED\'s on your Lauchpad back from BitWig.


Here is a demo video of what I did with my Launchpad MINI for the first 8 tracks of Bitwig 8-track.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
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It’s working! This is awesome! Thanks Steve! I do have one thing I’d like to figure out if possible.

is it possible to have all 24 of my tracks available on the launchpad at once? So I guess have banks 1-3 on my launchpad showing instead of hitting a bank scrolling button.


thanks again!

I’m not sure. I was unable to test beyond 8 tracks because I only have Bitwig 8-track which only allows 8 tracks. Some DAWs like Cubase allow you to connect multiple Mackie devices and put the first 8 tracks on BMT 1, the second 8 tracks on BMT 2 etc. Then they use the same commands for each bank yet on another virtual port. You could give that a try and see if it works.


Hmm no luck with this ( as far as I can tell )

I got the two ports going and the controller set up to do this… just can’t find any way to tell bitwig to use “bank 2” on port 2…

Well then we may need to go back to your original mapping strategy instead of using Mackie MCU driver or if you want to use the Mackie MCU driver, you could set a global variable to your current bank and then if you press the second set of 8 buttons, while you are on a different bank, automatically send a bank change message first. On feedback you would also monitor which bank you are on to determine which LED to update on your controller. I’m just not sure that Bitwig will be “bank aware” so if you were on Bank 1 and you pressed a solo on track 9 within it would probably light LED 1 since there would be nothing to tell MT Pro that you are pressing track 9 instead of track 1.