Blackmagic ATEM & Behringer XTouch Extender


I'dlike to remap the Faders of the extender -4 positions. the first 4 inputs on my Blackmagic Atem are just HDMI inputs. I'd like to use just the SDI inputs. Is it possible to remap the faders on my X-Touch -4 positions, that the first Fader is using input 5?

Is there a HowTo?

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If the ATEM allows for direct MIDI input, and the sliders are already defined MIDI messages, then yes.

For instance if ATEM allows for Mackie MCU MIDI control of the faders, then we can use Bome MIDI Translator to translate the fader 5 mackie MCU message to the fader 1 MCU message and so forth.

Now, if the ATEM does not allow for direct MIDI control of the faders,

and you are running OSCulator. There is software you can get for your ATEM to accept OSC messages and then you can use OSCulator to translator MIDI to the OSC message of your choice (whatever the ATEM OSC bridge accepts). I believe the ATEM OSC bridge only works on Mac.

I’m not that familiar with ATEM capabilities but if you can monitor the MIDI messages that are being sent with your controller that moves your faders (using the logging capability of Bome MIDI Tranlsator) then we can certainly translate these messages the way you want them.

What you need to do for me to be able to help is set up Bome MIDI Translator with your MIDI controller as input and the ATEM application as output (IE Bome MIDI Translator 1) and visa versa with the routing as shown below. Then you can turn on logging and we can have a look. Please be sure to annotate which fader you are moving and the resultant fader movement in ATEM within the log capture so that we can adjust appropriately.

I’ve attached a diagram of the proper setup to do this as well as an example project file. You will need to edit the aliases to the controller and application ports you are using.


Steve Caldwell