BLE MIDI support for MT Pro

Will there be BLE MIDI support for MT Pro?

Yes, for Windows 10, we will add native BLE-MIDI support in a future version of MT Pro.

Recent macOS versions provide BLE-MIDI for all MIDI applications.

For older versions of Windows, you can use the WidiBud, it’s quite nice (and works on the BomeBox, too).


It is good to hear your confirmation. I visited your booth at NAMM and two doors from you the booth of MIDI Association. MIDI Assoication told me that BLE-MIDI is “embedded” in the “Inside Edition” of Windows and that software companies need to write a simple wrapper. Before I went to NAMM, I tried a midi bridge program MIDIBerry. Through MIDIBerry I was able to connect the mi.1 Bluetooth midi transmitter to my Windows 10 PC and finally to a DAW. In the end, it was because of Bome MIDI Translator 2 that I was able to do Bluetooth midi at all because Bome MIDI Translator was the only only virtual midi device I could see in MIDIBerry! So Bome MT Pro has a great start! Anyway, MIDIBerry is not a usuable solution. It is too unstable.



Thanks for the additional info! Interesting feat in MIDI Berry… We have also thought of creating a small app for exposing BLE-MIDI devices to other ”old style” MIDI apps using the Bome virtual MIDI ports.

PS: ”adding a simple wrapper” is not the full truth. You cannot put it directly into your program, otherwise it would be locked for Windows 10 only…