Blocking incoming notes of channel 1 when the control key is pressed

A simple task, but it baffled me...
How to block all incoming notes of channel 1 while the control key 117 on the second channel is pressed (91 75 7f)?


The attached should do the trick.

I not only use a different MIDI channel but also a different MIDI device input in case you want to block the Performance Notes with a different Control Port.

Preset 1 is the "Control Port" alias. This port looks for note 117 on MIDI CH 2 and when pressed disables Preset 2. When released (note off), it re-eables preset 2 allowing the note on and note off messages that are coming from your controller (Alias "My Controller") to go through.

There are other ways to do this as well (like using a global variable instead of preset enable/disable), however this is the one that first came to mind.

Steve Caldwell
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