Bmidi drivers are installed. But how to install v~ports: from cmd, maybe script.vbs, or any other method?

I have installed Bmidi drivers and found exes in program data. But none of those commad lines (exes) carry out virtual midi port installation neither output nor input … How to install ports from cmd or maybe from script.vbs? Is it not supposed to work from cmd, I mean the virtual ports installation? Maybe there is another trick to it, some hidden method ?

Hi, thank you for your interest in the BMIDI virtual ports. They are not an end-user product. We license the BMIDI SDK to companies who will then integrate the BMIDI virtual MIDI ports into their products. So unless you are using a product that is BMIDI-enabled, you cannot do anything with the driver alone.

Our own products Bome MIDI Translator Pro and Bome Network use the BMIDI virtual ports. And last, but not least, the add-on Unlimited Named MIDI Ports for Bome Network allows you to create your own virtual ports.

For more info on BMIDI, see here:

Hi. This is exactly how I found out about your product: I got some software in a bulk sale and was going thru files, and there it was bmidi_setup aside a plugin installer. So I guuglud it and found you guys =). Anyways, thank you very much for the elaborate explanation and letting other devs to dev with your drivers. Would be nice if bmidi was cmd-able for amatures… But, oh, well,… there are also other alts for that purpose only.

For Bome Network Unlimited Named MIDI ports you can point and click to add ports and routing.

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Bome Customer Care

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