BMT able to route MIDI note data but not CC's

Hey fine folks, I am baffled by this issue I’ve run into and would greatly appreciate any support you all could offer!

I am routing MIDI from my computer to an iPad (where I am recording automations / midi performance data) and back to my computer to play various synths/effects. For some reason I can’t understand, BMT is not routing CC’s from the USB input (from the iPad) to the virtual port that sends the data to my daw/performance software (gigperformer). It is routing the note data perfectly fine, though.

I was able to find a workaround by creating a translator that accepts all cc’s and assigns variables to channel/cc#/cc value. However, I have noticed that this translator gets backed up when processing lots of CC’s at once (taking up to 10 seconds to catch up), and I think it would be much more efficient to get the router to function properly. I have other routers that are routing CC’s with no problems, so I am not sure what the problem is.

Thanks so much for yr help.


I might need to look at your Bome Project file. It sounds like you are using translators to route messages from Gig Performer to the attached iPad and then playing back from your iPad to Gig Performer. How do you have the iPad attached? Since both your computer and the iPad are USB hosts, I’m not clear on this as you would not be able to directly attach iPad to Computer via USB. Are you using Bome Network or RTP-MIDI?

If data is getting backed up then maybe you are routing to and from multiple devices and end up in a MIDI loop situation This tutorial may help you get a better grasp on MIDI routing in MT Pro.

Otherwise, I think I would need a better grasp on how you have your whole MIDI system configured.
What application are you using on your iPad?

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Hey Steve, thank you so much for your prompt and very thorough response! So–of course–after I finally feel like I hit a wall and can’t figure it out, post to this forum, step away for a bit, and come back, I find a workaround. I had been routing from the iPad into Bome then into GigPerformer so that I could filter some messages on the way in, but I realized I could do that just as easily within GigPerformer. Routing from the iPad directly into GigPerformer works great, cc’s and all. It still does get overwhelmed if I am sending and receiving too many messages simultaneously, but only in pretty rare circumstances (if I am playing chords live on an MPE keyboard and simultaneously sending CC’s with the Touche). Since I am rarely doing that I am taking it as good enough. If I am playing back/sequencing my recorded MPE data from the iPad to the CPU, I can then add Touche cc expression, with no delays. I am routing using focusrite audio interfaces, that have MIDI DIN in/outs, to the ipad/cpu’s USB ports.

So long story short, I am good for now. If you have any ideas why MIDI messages would start lagging when I am playing MPE chords and Touche CC’s (both routed through the ipad, so that I can record the performance/automations), please do let me know! Thanks for your support.

OK, I’m glad it is working for you and Gig Performer has some amazing built in MIDI capabilities, My guess is your delays are tied to your MIDI DIN interface when using MPE as MIDI DIN interface is much slower than USB. It could also be the speed of your WiFi connection on your iPAD if you are using a network connection between your iPad and your computer.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:
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