BMT Pro, Maschine Studio and Ableton


I have a problem configuring BMT Pro and Ableton with midi to keystrokes.

I made a translator which converts a CC message to the "down arrow" key, just to try before making a full template.

When I am in software like google chrome, the message works fine, the page goes down when I hit pad.

But in Ableton, I configured, I think, like you did in video tutorial, I see that ableton receives a midi signal, but nothing happen.

I'm on Windows 10, maschine studio and ableton.

I attach you the screenshot of my preferences and the BMT Routing

Thank you !


I have the BMT Pro trial version

Ok, i found ! The problem was that I execute Live as Administrator. So I have to execute BMT as Administrator and it works !
Let’s make a template !!

Why are you executing Live as Administrator? I know of no reason you would need to do this. Same from MT Pro.

Because I had a windows UAC splash screen when opening it, I found that solution couple years ago and, honestly, I never wondered why since.

Somethings not right if you get the UAC splash screen when opening in normal user mode. I would try and re-install it. You might want to check with Ableton.

I’ll do it, but is there a problem launching both in admin mode ?

Hi again Steve,

I'm making my template but I'm stuck and I don't find answer on the forum;

I have translators which translate the jogwheel of maschine studio to up and down keys (two translators : one for UP turning the wheel right, one for DOWN turning it left). 

I wonder if it was possible, pushing another button (pushing the jogwheel and sending a CC message) to transform these translators in toggle mode to right and left in place of up and down ? 

I found on the forum some rules with pp,qq,rr,ga etc... But I cannot find the documentation about that, could you light up my candle ?

Thanks !

Not recommended, I’ve seen a few anomalies with MT Pro in Admin Mode. I think they have all been worked out but it is really designed to be used in normal user mode.

Ok, good to know !


Show me the project file you have and what is working for left and right and what you want for up and down. It should be fairly easy.

There are 10 local variables. These are not seen outside of the the given incoming trigger so they can be used as variables within a translator. They, however cannot be seen by any translators using a different incoming trigger.  These are best used for temporary variables since they are not shared outside. They are oo  through xx (letters of the two are all the same.

In contrast, global variables can be seen throughout the project. There are 360 of these first letter starting with g-n and y and z. Second letter can be a-z or 0-9.  If you need to share values across translators you use these. Usually only one or two translators modify the variables but everything else reads them. It is important to not modify them with multiple translators or they could bot be trying to update the variable at the same time which could leave it in an unconfimed state.

All of this is in the manual (F1 within MT Pro or the help menu)


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Thanks for your answer, "Local variables" was the word I was looking for. 

I attach you a template I made to explain you, with the good CCs. 

I did nothing with MODIFIERS, I just set the incoming. 

Thank you again, waiting for your answer.



I added two translators at the end. I picked incoming note 64 (40 H) to determine the function of the jog wheel.

Sending Note 64 on sets the value of ga to 1. Sending Note 64 off sets the value to 0.

First 4 translators are modified. The first two will only fire if the value of ga is 0. Up and Down as you already had

The second two (looking at the same encoder) will only fire if the value of ga is 1. Outgoing action Right and left.


I hope this helps!


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Oh ! Ok, I understand what you did. I just changed Note on by a CC, but I succeeded.

Thank you Steve, you're awesome !

Glad to help!