BMT v1.8.3.892 changelog

There's no changelog for this very latest release, v1.8.3.892. What does it fix from the previous v. release? I ask this because since v.1.8.2 I have intermittent problems recognizing hot plugged USB interfaces, what's confirmed by BMT Errors windows, and this does not seem to be corrected by the v1.8.3.891. The workaround is to disconnect/reconnect USB interface or close/reload BMT. Also, I installed the v1.8.3.892 but had to go back to the older v.1.8.2 because MIDI virtual device name lost its number discriminant, and there's a lot of programming stuff on other MIDI software that relies on the "Bome MIDI Translator 1" string. There's no easy nor fast way to rename these programming rules.

Is there an way to force releases to continue to use "Bome MIDI Translator 1" for the name of the first virtual interface?

Checking with Florian but changelog his at the below link:

Oh and in my experience on Windows , the error in not able to open ports has pretty much been that the port was either open in another application or another instance of MT Pro. My biggest problem was when I installed CopperLAN and it insisted on owning all MIDI ports, but I also see this if I have MIDI OX open, MIDITools etc. And sometimes Ableton Live insists if you have a given controller attached it should be open there.

The only time I’ve actuall had to unplug and plug a port is either when the device itself had crashed ( usually my APC-MINI) , or the USB hub had an issue.


my apologies for all these problems with 1.8.3.

1) Changes in build 992 vs. 991
Build number increments are usually silent updates without any substantial changes. In this case, it fixes a potential crash on macOS. Only for version parity, we’ve also re-released the Windows version.

2) hot plugging USB-MIDI devices
We take pride in our very robust hot plug detection and seamless operation with inserting/removing devices. You’re the first user to report problems here. Could you please describe exactly what you do, what you expect to happen, and what actually happens? Only then we’ll be able to evaluate and, if a bug, fix it.

3) Virtual MIDI index number
This is also a completely new error report! Of course the ports are supposed to keep their name! Is it that other programs see just “Bome MIDI Translator” ports, instead of “Bome MIDI Translator 1”?
And/or are the index numbers missing in MT Pro itself?
Or has the port name been “Bome Virtual MIDI” for all ports? then you’ve encountered a bug in our virtual port driver which was fixed in the driver included in 1.8.3 (version 2.1). Have you, by any chance, updated your Windows installation?

The Virtual Port driver 2.1 can also be used with MT Pro 1.8.2, so I’m quite sure you’re already benefiting of the fixed driver already (check the version in Programs And Features, installed program “Bome Virtual MIDI”, or in the device manager).

Note that in case of problems, you can re-create the virtual MIDI ports in MT Pro by changing the naming scheme in the settings in MT Pro: change to “BMT X” naming scheme, press OK. Wait a bit for the driver change to process, then invoke settings again and change back to “Bome MIDI Translator X”.

Looking forward to your reply.

  1. Ok for this.
  2. I will save BMT error log for the next time. Usually, it occurs when resuming (or reopening without OS rebooting) MIDI/DAW sessions after hibernation or suspension. It is not every time, but a somewhat rare occurrence. The problem is that usually I only notice the problem after the complete setup for live performance is done. Since some months ago, I have been checking BMT error log before going on with DAW and VSTi sessions. If the error is there, I fix it (closing and reopening BMT, and/or disconnecting/reconnecting USB interface) before everything else. DAW and VSTi are Cantabile and Hauptwerk.
  3. I have just uninstalled BMT v1.8.2, including manual driver removal, and installed the v1.8.3. I have set one virtual port up only. Windows Device Management lists “Bome MIDI Translator (1)”. With BMT v1.8.2, the virtual MIDI device is listed as “Bome MIDI Translator 1 (1)”. For the v1.8.3, the DAW and VSTi software see BMT virtual device as “Bome MIDI Translator”. Also, v1.8.3 panel lists now three Bome devices at Project Default MIDI Ports: Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual In (pending), Bome MIDI Translator Virtual In (open), and Bome Virtual Port 1 -> Bome MIDI Translator Virtual In. When I delete Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual In/Out ports, BMT recreate them on next session and asks me about routing these ports.
    Update: I tried to set no virtual ports on BMT configuration and then 1 virtual port. The result is a new port called ”Bome MIDI Translator 1 (2)”, which is seen by DAW/VSTi as Bome MIDI Translator 1. At least, this is an workaround until a more definite diagnostics about what’s going on. Anyway, BMT v1.8.3 is still recreating and asking for ”Bome MIDI Translator Virtual” routing when opening my custom project.
    Update 2: I have discovered a little strange thing on MIDI Router panel. After opening my project, and being the option ”Only display open MIDI ports” already ticked, if I turn this option off and then back on, then it comes ”Bome Virtual Port 1” in the IN and OUT columns. What’s the correct behavior? ”Bome Virtual Port 1” ports being listed among ”1 Virtual” ones, or the otherwise? And what’s the difference between these two pair of ports? Are they redundant?

This type of naming in Windows usually occurs when Windows has sees a driver name for something that already exists. “Bome MIDI Translator 1 (2)””.

I ran into this years ago and solved it by going to device manager and deleting all my MIDI ports. Windows then just re-created them upon plugging in my devices but with the correct device names.

I also check “use short names” settings in MT Pro (IE BMT1 BMT2 instead of Bome MIDI Translator Virtual Port 1 and Bome MIDI Translator Virtual Port2, Some DAW’s get very confused with long names or actually truncate after a certain number of characters.

Once you have the drivers set up with the naming you like, if MT Pro can’t find that name, it will prompt you when opening MT Pro for the next time, what Alias names you want to create for this ports with missing names.


Thanks, Steve, for your prompt reply. If I’m correct, the behavior of creating a virtual device named “Bome MIDI Translator” instead of “Bome MIDI Translator 1” was really intended for the BMT v1.8.3 release? Also, could you please explain the difference between “Bome Virtual Port 1” (IN or OUT) and “Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual” (IN or OUT)?


If you set up your virtual MIDI ports for short names, all other applications will see the virtual ports as BMT 1, BMT 2 .. etc.

If you set up your virtual ports for long names, all other applications will see your virtual ports as Bome MIDI Translator 1, Bome MIDI Translator 2 etc.

In both cases, this is the EXTERNAL name recognized by OTHER applications.


Within MT Pro, you will see the input port names as Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual In etc. Output port names will be Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual Out etc.

You can also set up aliases within MT Pro to give them any name you want.

On my system I have Bome Virtual Port 1 as an alias to Bome MIDI Translator 1 In.

My recommendation is as follows

  1. Set up MIDI settings to use short names BMT1 BMT2 etc. This should avoid long name resolution issues with Windows.
  2. Set up alias as you like for your virtual ports. When you open the project file, if the alias is not found it will prompt you to point to the actual virtual ports.


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Of course, if you have application that were set to Long Names instead of short names, you will need to set them up again for short names but this would be just a one time occurrence.

Oh and there should always be a port number exposed to the system. IE, you should never have a port named just
“Bome MIDI Translator”. If you do, you should delete it. However it is possible that this was created with some other third party virtual MIDI port tool. For instance in loopMIDI, you can provide any name you want but I would never assign it a name with Bome in it as it would be too confusing.
You can safely delete any wrongly named port in Windows Device Manager or in some cases, the application in which it was created.

Glad you got it working.
– “Bome Virtual Port X” is an automatically created alias for “Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual In” ( or Out). You cannot remove it, and it is created for every virtual port.
– As Steve pointed out, if you ever see a virtual port without an index number, it’s not meant to be there. We’ll check MT Pro when or how that could have happened on your computer.
– the port names in Device Manager are independent from the port names in MT Pro and in 3rd party programs. The numbers in () are added by the Bome Virtual Port driver to ensure that the Device Manager names are unique.
– we do not recommend to remove ports in Device Manager. Use the Settings in MT Pro.