BMTP stops outputting when not in focus

Whenever I minimize or click out of BMTP, it stops outputting. Any thoughts as to why this is happening?


Heres a link to what is happening.

Should add It is running on Windows 10

Hi, this is quite mysterious. I have not seen it before. With that said, you indicated in your email later that the fader on MA started jumping around so perhaps you have it fixed. Feel free to post or send your project file and I can have a look but I can't for the life of me ever see a situation where minimizing MT Pro would stop activity there unless you have a REALLY busy application also running that is taking priority and not giving time to MT Pro. Maybe look at your task manager to see if there is some other process hogging computer resources.


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GMA 2 onPC is the only application running that might be causing it… but thats the application I am trying to control.

I figured out the fader issue. Had to set the velocity to QQ.

So is it working now when minimized? If not, then maybe re-install MT Pro to see if that fixes it. As I said, I’ve been working with MT Pro for years now and I have NEVER seen this before.

The Fader issue is fixed. MTP still stops when minimized or not in focus. I am starting to wonder if it’s an issue with the Eucon Driver selecting whatever application is in focus.

Maybe, I’ve never had experience with Eucon? Is the driver a separate application or is it integrated with GMA2? Try disabling it and see if that fixes it. I’ve been able to successfully use the GMA2 MIDI functionality but never tried anything with EUCON? Maybe EUCON is taking over the MIDI port? If I recall EUCON is some sort of MIDI over network so that might be the case. In Windows only one application can open a MIDI port so if you want to route stuff to EUCON as well, you might need to use MT Pro as a MIDI splitter.

I can’t run my controller without Eucon. Eucon is the driver is uses to connect. I have a feeling that it grabs what ever application is in focus. I can’t say I have ever used it on windows before.

Hmm maybe you can just shrink the MT Pro Window without actually minimizing it if in fact this is how your Eucon driver behaves.

I still have to bring MA onPC into focus to use it, so that will not help.

Almost sound like you will either need to have 2 PC's (one running EUCON and MT Pro) and the other running GMA2 ) and then network your MIDI from MT Pro on one PC to the other ( Bome Network Pro).
Another option is to get a lower cost MIDI controller to use with GMA2. I've found that APC MINI to be good for many things. A lot of MA2 users use the more expenses APC40 MKII.

I've been successful in getting several inexpensive controllers to control GMA2 for PC. Either that or talk to Avid to see if there is a way you can change it so that you can more easily target where the MIDI messages go.

I think Avid sells both your hardware and the Eucon driver.



Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

This is a paragraph I found supporting your theory about focused applications.


"8.1. Application Switching By default, the control surface controls the in focus, or topmost, application on a workstation. The in focus application is the one receiving mouse and keyboard commands. A EuCon-supplied program running on each workstation uses operating system routines to determine which application is in focus. When focus changes, this program notifies the EuCon runtime, so the control surface can reassign to the newly focused application."


In this whitepaper:

I wonder if it would work if you used this option in MT Pro?



Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


This post seems to point out that you can Lock the Eucon application setting.


That did the trick! Thank you for all your help.

Now…is it possible to send midi out of MA back to my controller so the faders move when changing fader pages?

Awesome. So the answer is to change the settings in EUCON to lock the application to use MT Pro.

Please mark this thread as resolved. For LED Feedback you will need to either;

  1. Write a LUA Script for GrandMA
  2. Use the GrandMA2 sendnote command back to your controller
  3. Rely on local LED feedback translators within MT Pro (but no feedback from the application itself.

You should open up a new thread to explore option 3 or talk to GrandMA or go to their bulletin boards for options 1 and 2.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist