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May be I have overseen it while searching for this piece of information, so sorry for asking.

Is there a way to add names and descriptions of translators to messages and if things have been manipulated in the message monitoring (in the log of course)? It would be really helpful to know which actions already have a translator, if they are active and what they are doing in the monitor to find the missing pieces and for debugging.

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I'm not sure if this is what you are asking, but if you check "Rule" in the log monitoring window, you will see all executed rules as they occur with the preset number, translator number and rule number. Somtimes the detail can be a bit much and overwhelming so I generally select all, copy from the log window and then paste into a text editor and then do a text search to find the rules, actions or variables I'm interested in.

You can tell which translators have been programmed for a given incoming trigger by checking the "Incoming" box.  Only triggers that are programmed will be shown as opposed to MIDI IN which whill show all incoming MIDI messages. 

For instance, if you programmed a given incoming MIDI trigger correctly, it it will show for both "MIDI IN" and "Incoming", but if you programmed the trigger incorrectly and it is a MIDI message, you will only see MIDI IN.

MIDI OUT will show for all outgoing MIDI messages (whether sent by a translator or via the pass through routes while Outgoing will show only things that translators are handling, Incoming and Outgoing will also show non-MIDI triggers and outgoing actions.

One technique I use if only wanting to see Incoming or Outgoing for a given translator is to disable all presets except for the one your translator is in. Enable only the preset and the translator you want to see. Of course if there is interaction between translators (via global variables), you need to make sure any translators that interact with the one under examination is also enabled.

I hope this answers your questions. If not, chime in again and I'll take another stab at it.


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Hi Steve,

thank you for answering that much in detail - but this is not, what I was talking about.

Lets keep it simple:

There are two/four RAW/SysEx commands triggered by two buttons:

90 5D 00/7F (Stop press + release)
90 5D 00/7F (Play press + release)

Now I set up four translators containing those commands, labeled like above, outgoing will be the same as incoming - so no changes here.

Now when I use the Log window I would like to see something like:
"90 5D 00 / Play press / Description for play press / active" instead of just "90 5D 00"

For larger projects it would be a lot more comfortable to track, if you got covered everything. I guess this would only need a small select statement triggered by a checkbox + stop monitoring + a radiobutton group start/stop monitoring.

I am happy to get more into detail if needed, just let me know.

OK, if you check on Incoming and or Outgoing, you will get the preset and translator number used for the message but not the description or title. I will add this as an enhancement request.



IN   0.0  Control Change on ch. 3 with any CC# set 'pp' to CC#=32 with any value and 'qq' to value=65


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


If you are doing an enhancement request anyway, I will provide you with pictures and a proper description of my wishes. Guess thats the best way to explain. You may decide than if its worth implementing and to what degree. I will do this during the weekend.

Doublepost. Needed to exchange the attachment and don\'t know how to delete this post.

OK, here we go:

All of these features will be for usability only, no "real" new features:

  1. Instead of using the "Log Window" as global trigger to start logging, implement a dedicated switch to start/stop logging.
    By doing so the Log Window will be information loaded and the chosen information types can stay the same, while start/stop logging is toggled through this checkbox/button/radio-button/whatever.
  2. Fill up MIDI IN/OUT Logs with information from translators (Preset/Name/Description/Trigger/Outgoing Action / Options on request. If multiple translators exist, use the active one, if only one exists use it as well if deactivated.
  3. Not sure how to deal with stuff like this. In this particular case F0 00 00 66 is always the same for this type of message (which is a text for an LCD screen). May be you could implement a flexible identifier (x bytes at the start of a message) for SysEx, so they could be group as well.

I did not think about, how this whole concept transfers to other message types then midi - but since I am talking about the MIDI IN/OUT monitoring, this should not be of relevance I guess?

The screenshot is a real world example, using the Behringer X Touch in Mackie Control Universal Mode, only one button pressed once. There is always a lot of stuff triggered, so it would be a real benefit to see the above requested information as well.

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Sure, got it capture as a future feature request.

Also for general status messages (not debugging using logs), I generally send text messages out a serial port to a small LED display. This works on PC/Mac or BomeBox if you have a USB serial port attached. Something like shown below (but I bought mine on Amazon a few years ago so it is a bit different).

With it you would need an RS232 to TTL USB adapter.

Yeah, I just use MIDI Tools, “Mackie Monitor” feature for that.

Great hint! Did not know about the tool until now, helps a lot and is a lot easier and faster compared to copying the messages to my Excel template! (Which will come still quite handy, when manipulating messages.)