Bombox DIN routing wrong Channel

Hi there,

I am sending Midi Notes via the BomBox DIN input into Bomebox, and set a midi route from DIN to DIN. On the DIN output I have a iRig Midi2 plugged in my Iphone using the protokol app, where I can see that the midi messages are always received on channel 3. when I send Midi Notes on a different channel, they are always received on channel 3. Am I doing anything wrong?
cheers henrik

Hi, unless you have a project running on the BomeBox, there would be nothing that would convert the incoming MIDI message to a different outgoing channel.

Please go to the MIDI Translator Page of your BomeBox and make sure there is no project selected.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hey Steve,
no project was acive. I uploaded the latest Firmware earlier today, after some rebootings now this works again.
thanks henrik

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