Bome aliases refuse to go away


On Boem Transptor Pro version 1.9.1 build 1056:

I’ve deleted the aliases. I’ve selected ‘do not ask again’ when the pop-up is displayed on startup. I’ve verified no translator or preset uses these aliases. Yet ever time Bome opens I get the same pop up: ‘Please select midi ports’.

Please advise…



When a Bome MIDI Translator Pro (MT Pro) project opens, it looks at the ports used in the project file. If a port is defined that is not present, then MT Pro assumes that it must be an alias and creates the alias. It then prompts you to assign the alias. If you select don’t ask again, it will not ask for that alias again when re-opened however the alias will be still be re-created because the port does not exist and it is defined in your project file. The alias names are kept in the the .bmts file which is loaded across all projects. If the alias is assigned you can delete it but if it is not assigned, the only way you can delete it is to use settings and then remove MIDI aliases. This will delete all aliases, and clear the no-prompt flag so you will always be prompted again if a project file has a port name that is not present (because it will re-create the alias).


It is important that any time you are prompted for alias definitions that if you do not want to use them again, you should

  1. Open the project. If prompted, select ignore.
  2. Then go through and remove all alias you were prompted and delete them.
  3. Go to settings and reset aliases
  4. Then restart the project

If you are prompted again, then you probably have a port definition in your project on a port that doesn’t exist, hence the alias as created again an you are re-prompted. This will be true whether or not the preset or translator is enabled.

I tested this on 1.9.1 build 1056 on Windows and it works as expected. This behavior has not changed. Of course, if you think it is not working correctly. Please provide your project file and I will be happy to test it for you.

Since I use aliases in most of my projects, and also get project files from other users that have their own aliases, I tend to get ‘garbage collection’ of aliases so I periodically reset my aliases and then re-assign them as project files are re-opened. Again, ‘don’t ask again’ gets reset after you reset your aliases so you will always be asked again the first time after resetting them.

Let me know if this is on Mac or if you have further difficulties.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Many thanks Steve. I’ll try it out!

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