Bome box and Qsc Qsys

Hi guys

I want to know if Bomebox or Bome midi translator pro can receive command trought tcp/udp.

I need to send to dmx devices some command from qsc qsys core.



Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Bome MIDI Translator supports MIDI, keystrokes, and serial but not UDP or TCP.

BomeBox uses a form of TCP from a supported Allen & Heath Protocol, however QSC is not specifically supported. The remote device needs to be a TCP server. I’ve sent and received some raw MIDI over TCP using PureData using netsend and netreceive. Right now only the specifically listed Allen & Heat devices are technically supported.

Allen & Heath dLive, GLD, Qu, SQ, and iLive mixer support via Ethernet (since firmware v1.2)

My suggestion would be to look for some sort of software that bridged QSys to MIDI.

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