Bome Box conflict with Dante network

Hi there,

we are new users of the BomeBox.

We operate a setup based on Dante network including many Tascam ML-16D/ML-32D and a few computer using Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS). We are monitoring this network with Dante Controller

We tried to include a BomeBox on this network (at first on the same subnet). Few minutes after getting the BomeBox physically connected with the Ethernet port, we notice that the Tascam Master/Slave relation going into confusion (most of them get into Master Clock mode). After a little while, almost all the Tascam get invisible from the Dante Controller software. At this point, the Dante network seems to be out of control in a way that we cannot deal with. After disconnecting physically the BomeBox, the Dante network find slowly his way back to normal.

We tried to set up the BomeBox on a different subnet. The same behaviour described here happened again.

BomeBox Firmwire is updated to version 1.4.2

Could anyone get an idea about the nature of this conflict?

Thank you very much in advance for your help!


Sylvain Gagnon




Hi Sylvain,

Thanks for reporting this! Could you please share the pages that show your BomeBox network configuration (both WiFi and ethernet)? Are you using BomeBox on WiFi, Etherenet or Both? For each configuration (WiFi) and ethernet it would be good to know if you have BomeBox set up as a DHCP host, A DHCP client or fixed IP address. Most of these questions can be answered with screen shots of your BomeBox network configuration.

Beyond the BomeBox MIDI capabilities, it is really a standard Level 2 IP router. I believe for MIDI we use simple UDP packets (not 100% sure as I am not the designer, however these are my observations when using network sniffer).

In general, Audio (like Dante Network) probably takes more bandwidth then MIDI so in many cases our customer put Audio and MIDI on a different subnet.


Anyway, if you can provide screenshots, I can discuss with our experts to see if there are other ideas.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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After reading a bit further, please make sure your BomeBox ethernet is set up as a DHCP client. Having 2 DHCP servers on the same network (or subnet) can cause havoc on any network. By default BomeBox ethernet is set up as a DHCP client. Also turn off WiFi if you are using ethernet.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the prompt feedback.

We do not use any DHCP. Each unit has their own manually configured IP address.

BomeBox WiFi is disabled (Hotspot)

There is the overview screenshot.



Is it possible that you have 2 devices on the network at the same IP address?
Please disconnect BomeBox and then check arp to see if there is another device at that address. Also, if DHCP is enabled anywhere on the network, it may be assigning the same IP address via DHCP as you have hard coded in BomeBox.

There is no identical IP address and there is no DHCP on purpose on the network. There is a router but no DHCP activated. I will try to connect again with different settings (different IP, DHCP etc) and see what happen…

Yes, I see no reason why it should not work if the network settings are correct. We have not seen this problem before and connecting without using any MIDI features, should not interfere with anything.


Did your issue get resolved?