Bome Box maximum number of ports and co-existence with MOTU AVB

I haven’t bought a Bome box yet but I’m very curious about it as a way to integrate my currently quite ramshackle MIDI setup (over 30 devices connected to a Mac and to each other using two iConnectivity boxes as well as an ancient Opcode Studio 5 and a Midihub for MIDI processing). But there’s some info that I could not find from reading the various specs:

  1. How many USB MIDI ports can the Bome box handle? My idea would be to hook both iConnectivity boxes and the MIDIhub to the Bome box’s USB Host port through a USB Hub. Would that expose all the connected ports back to the box and to the computer connected to the Bome box? (each iConnectivity box would have 16 ports and the MIDIhub has 4 so a total of 36 ports, maybe more if I plug more devices into the USB Host)
  2. The Ethernet port on my Mac is currently busy, plugged into my MOTU 828es which uses the AVB protocol. So I may need to use an Ethernet switch to connect the computer to both the Bome box and the MOTU. Would that work? If not what is the alternative?

Thank you!

Up to 80 Ports on up to 30 USB devices.

“Since firmware version 1.5, you can connect up to 30 USB-MIDI devices. Also here, each device may provide multiple MIDI ports. For example, you could attach twenty 4×4 MIDI DIN interfaces, giving you additional 80 MIDI IN ports and 80 MIDI OUT ports.”

As posted on this page in the FAQ section.

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