Bome Box power light doesn't stop blinking

I’ve been trying to get my Bome Box set up without success.

First I plugged it into a PoE Ethernet port (leading to my Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine SE) - the power worked fine and I could see it being powered in the Unifi Network view, but there was no data connection. The power light just kept blinking, I waited about 10 minutes with no change.

Then I unplugged the LAN and connected it to USB power with the included cable. I tried 5 different chargers, including an iPhone one, iPad one etc. - it 100% got the required 1A power. I even used an advanced charger that shows power draw - it showed 1W.

The Power light still only blinked for 10+ minutes with nothing showing up on my iPhone Wi-Fi network etc.

Then I tried plugging it in USB power and directly to my computer LAN port - still nothing, light only blinks.

I tried creating the USB key (4GB, FAT32) with the serial + reset network filename (made sure it’s .txt, not .txt.txt), no change, still just a blinking light.

I purchased the Bome Box at Thomann in May 2021 (I only started setting it up now because I was waiting to set up my LAN). It ways “Assembled in Slovenia” if this helps (I’m in Slovenia so a bit ironic that it isn’t working :P).

Any suggestions on how to reset / debug this would be welcome. Happy to do more complicated low-level things if there’s a way to fix this without sending it anywhere.


Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

I’m sorry you are having difficulty with your BomeBox! According to your post it looks like you have tried all of the right things. A few more things to make sure.

  1. The file names must have all of the digits, including leading zeros.
  2. The zeros are number zero not letter Oh.
  3. Just to make it a complete test, try using a different flash drive (even if not 4mb).

I assume you got the number for the sticker on the bottom of the BomeBox and that it looks like a permanent sticker and not something that might have been re-attached (in case it is the wrong serial number).

The power light blinking means it is in the startup process and should stop blinking once startup is complete. The only reason I have seen otherwise, is if you are using a power source of inconsistent power (such as a charger the changes the voltage depending on the charge of an attached battery). Since you tried using POE, I think we can rule out this as the issue as POE provides consistent power.

After checking this things if you want a replacement, please contact us using this contact form and we can make arrangement for exchange via email.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi Jure,
sorry to read this! If the BomeBox does not stop blinking, there is a problem which cannot be fixed by customers. We’ll contact you via email for organizing the replacement.
Best regards,


thanks for your quick reply. I did try with another USB key (and triple checked the file naming), but it still gets stuck on booting up / blinking power light. The sticker is permanent. I’ll send it back for replacement.