Bome Box project routing doesn't work standalone (only with MTP on computer)

Hi there,
I have problems to run an MTP project standalone on the Bome Box.
I want to control my Boss RC-600 looper via a DrumPad that sends a Midi Note message (0x39), which is translated in the project to a CC#5 message to control the looper Rec/Play function. The DrumPad is directly connected to the Bome Box USB port and the looper to the Bome Box Midi DIN Out port.
In MTP there is only the option BomeBox for the Midi connections (not separately USB and DIN). Other Midi connections listed in MTP (see picture) are from the USB hub that is connected to the STUDIO computer, not to the BomeBox. The BomeBox is connected via Ethernet to the STUDIO Computer.

The picture shows the MTP project configuration:

When I play the DrumPad (Note 0x39) and MTP is running, it triggers the looper function correctly. When I upload the same project to the BomeBox it is not.

It seems that MTP communicates successfully through the Ethernet connection (not USB or Midi DIN) when the Automatic Routes are activated and no project is loaded on the Bome Box.

When the project is loaded on the BomeBox, the Automatic Routes are disabled and the BomeBox ports, as selected in the MTP project, are connected (see picture). However, this configuration doesn’t work.

Here the project file:
DrumPadCC.bmtp (1.0 KB)

Can anyone please advise how I can run the project file standalone on the Bome Box without the STUDIO computer.

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Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Indeed a loaded project file will override you automatic routes.

The trick here is to use aliases and assign them differently on you BomeBox than on your computer.

Instead of using the hardware input device ‘BomeBox’, I use an alias called ‘My DrumPad’. On the computer you should assign it to the physical port ‘BomeBox’. On you BomeBox, you will want to assign it your MIDI DIN input port.

Instead of using hardware output device "BomeBox, I use an alias called ‘Looper’. Again when running on your computer you assign it ‘BomeBox’ and on your BomeBox you should assign it the physical USB device called ‘MIDI DIN OUT’.

I also setup your project file from MIDI thru from ‘My DrumPad’ to ‘Looper’. If the aliases are assigned correctly it should work on both your computer and your BomeBox. Always use aliases instead of physical ports for device assignment if you are going to be moving your project to a different hardware environment. Then all you need to do is re-assign aliases and go.


If you have other thru routes then you would need to define aliases for them as well.

DrumPadCC-sjc.bmtp (1.1 KB)

You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

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Hi Steve, many thanks for your advice. I am very impressed by the prompt reply. Assigning the ports on the BomeBox to the aliases, as in your amended project, has resolved the issue. I thought aliases only give ports more individual names but now realise that using ‘BomeBox’ in MTP on the computer assigns different ports as on the actual BomeBox hardware. With this issue out of the way I can now start to create more advanced projects.

Many thanks again!

Glad to help!

Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services: