Bome box serial out

Hello- I've made a working midi translator file to convert midi to serial to use with the bome box and uploading it but I'm not getting serial output. How do I assign the port on the bome box, please? I'm using a FTDI USB-RS422 converter

I’m not sure if this would work as I believe the USB ports need to be midi class compliant. Not generic USB. I might be wrong however.

There’s a thread on the old forum here that mentions these serial adapters being supported, but there isn’t currently a way of assigning the alias to a port in the web interface, I assume from Florian’s answer that some code needs to be entered to assign it:

Yes, will be interesting to see his answer.

The original version of the firmware (0.9.5) does not have a GUI for assigning serial ports to serial aliases, so unfortunately, it will not work currently. It’s one of the features coming up with the next firmware release.

If you don’t mind, you could beta test that serial port support for us. Please contact us directly for that.