Bome box standalone function

For test 3 if you have no sound, perhaps you are transmitting on a different MIDI channel than the Legend needs. Could you double check that. I think the project file translators showed transmission on MIDI CH 1 but maybe your Legend needs a different MIDI channel. Just in case, I could set up translators to send on all MIDI channels to see if that helps.
Do you think that would help?

Or maybe your Nord Stage 3 is transmitting on a different MIDI channel.


This project will take note-on or note-off from any MIDI channel and send note-on or note-off to all MIDI channels.

Give it a try and see if it helps? If it does then it is likely that the Legend is receiving on a different MIDI channel than the Nord Stage 3 is send.

Midi BomeBox Test–sjc-a.bmtp (1.8 KB)

Of course, the Nord Stage 3 I think can be set up to send to USB or to MIDI but not sure if it can be set up to send to both. Also depending on which instrument or slot you use on the NS3, it may or may not send on the correct channel.

I set my Nord Stage 2 EX to send on MIDI CH 12 for the Global Channel and on my Hammond I receive upper keyboard on MIDI CH 1 and lower on MIDI CH 2.

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I think some things we have to take for granted: BomeBox does not work correctly due to an internal problem, soft or hard I don’t know, but it is not a project and / or configuration problem. It is possible that he was born with some alteration in his OS even though I did the reset and reloaded the firmware. I enclose a commented MIDI-OX screen to see if it can be useful for you to understand something. In the afternoon I will try to see the Hardware signal with Tektroniks oscilloscope. the only part that doesn’t work is the DIN port but to me that’s what I need.

BomeBox1_20_5_22_comm.pdf (270 KB)

Hi @esmm ,
sorry to hear this! If this is a faulty BomeBox, we can and should repair it. I propose to proceed like this:

  1. you send us the faulty BomeBox
  2. we inspect it, repair or replace it
  3. we’ll send it back to you

We ask you to pay for shipping to us. If we find in step 2 that there is a hardware issue, we’ll reimburse you the shipping costs.

Alternatively, you can also request a warranty repair from the dealer from which you’ve bought the BomeBox (unless it was in the Bome webshop).

I hope that makes sense.

PS: be aware that currently we’re out of stock, so if we need to replace your BomeBox, it could take a few weeks until we have stock again.

Hi Florian,

I bought the BomeBox from you, I enclose the invoice, so I would prefer you to send me a new one.
Bome box has a hardware defect on the Midi DIN output (5-poles): as you can see from the photo of the test with the Oscilloscope, the message is input (yellow trace) but missing at the output (blue trace).
Please send me the full address to which to send it.
For the shipping costs, of course, we agree.

IMG_20220520_TEK.pdf (92.6 KB)

2022-05-02_Bome_Invoice-B10412.pdf (71 KB)

Hi Mauro, thanks. Please ship to our address which you can find here:
Best regards,

Hi Florian,

I sent yesterday the Bome Box by Poste Italiane.
You can trace it with this number: RC243859622IT.

Best regards


Thanks. I’ve contacted you in private for possibly sending a replacement to you in parallel.