Bome looks for particular strand of raw midi

Hi all,

is there a rule or any way BMT can be triggered by a strand of raw midi that is within a sysex message and translate it?

for example…

F0 00 20 29 02 51 01 F7

bome recognizes that 02 51 01 is in that data and translates it.

just a note here these sysex messages will be longer and shorter at times and the message will come further down or up in the strand.

thanks so much!

No,the length of the sysex message has to be the same. With that said you could put dummy variables that you don’t use if you don’t care what they are.
For instance
F0 pp pp 29 02 51 qq F7
Then you could ignore pp in the rules if you don’t care about their values and then just qq.
For different sysex lengths, you need a separate translator to match the length and pattern of the incoming message.

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that worked great! thanks Steve