Bome MIDI to Metric Halo interface?

I have MT Pro and a BomeBox and a bunch of controllers which mostly route MIDI to various destinations and map channels and controller numbers. Means, I basically know how to receive and send MIDI with Bome.

Now, after an update, the Metric Halo audio/MIDI interfaces allow direct MIDI control of their mixer. This works with my Faderfox controller and I can send MIDI from Max to the published Metric Halo MIDI port(s).

But it does not work when BT or BomeBox send MIDI to the interface. It simply does not react and unfortunately there is no logging on the device.

Can you imagine that there exists some flavour of MIDI, that is not accepted by a certain device? This is an adventurous thought, but it is my only device that does not respond.

I don’t know how to test this better. The Faderfox should remain under control of Bome. And when I route the Faderfox controller directly in Bome Network (switch on), it works. When the direct routing ist off and MT or Bomebox send MIDI, the interface does not respond. There is a working Learn function on the interface, so anything should happen, but there is just nothing. As it were deaf.

Any idea or experience with Bome and Metric Halo?

Hi and sorry you are having problems.

Perhaps Metric Halo is not seeing these other ports because they may not have been present when you turned it on. Try starting Bome Network first so that your ports are present when you turn your interface on.

What version of Bome Network are you using? The latest is 1.6.0 and can be found here.

Which interface model do you have and is there a manual that describes how to configure MIDI for it?

By direct MIDI control, do you mean it exposes a software MIDI port that it receives MIDI commands?

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Well, the problem was sitting in front of the monitor, as so often …

I don’t know what I did wrong, but somehow it’s still difficult for me to plug the right devices into the right hubs for MT input and output and create the correct virtual ports for testing before sending the file to the BomeBox.

It works now.
Finally I have a remote monitor controller for the audio interface with the same Faderfox controller that is used within the BomeBox for other things :slight_smile:

To answer your questions:

  1. The Metric Halo interface sees the Bome ports. I always restart the MIO mixer and I have made a startup program with the Mac Automator that quits the MIO mixer, starts Bome Network and then starts the mixer again.
  2. I use Bome Network 1.6.0. on a Mac mini M1. macOS Ventura 13.5.2.
  3. I have a Metric Halo 2882 3D. There is no dedicated MIDI setup. You can manually enter the mapping or have it learnt and you can also see and change the mapped parameters. It seems to listen on all ports.
  4. By ‘direct MIDI control’ I mean the horizontal grey/green switches on the ‘Connected’ page of the Bome Network application.

Great and do you know that in Bome Network, you can drag the bottom of the Bome Network tool up to expose MIDI log messages coming in through any virtual port on Bome Network? When you hover your mouse over the bottom edge, a green bar will appear and then you can drag it up.

See the below link for an illustration.

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Ah, thank you. I overlooked the i/o button there. There I would have seen whether something was coming out of the BomeBox or not.

But why in alien language … I really must learn to read hex fluently.

Here is a summary of the MIDI Message.

You can find details here.

The ones in Bold are the most common

3 Byte Message

Bx nn vv - Control Change where x is channel 1-16 (0-F)
9x nn vv - Note-On message nn is note number in hext and vv is value in hex
8x nn vv - Note-Off message
Ex hh ll - Pitch Bend hh is MSB and ll is LSB
Ax nn vv - Polyphonic After touch nn is note number vv is value
F2 nn nn - Song Position Pointer

2 Byte Message

Cx nn - Program Change
Dx nn - Channel Aftertouch
F1 nn - MIDI Time Code Quarter Frame
F3 nn - Song Select

1 Byte Message

F6 - Tune Request
F8 - Timing Clock
FA - Start
FB - Continue
FC - Stop
FF = Reset

F0 nn nn nn … F7 - SysEx (variable bytes)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Saved for future reference.
Thank you!