Bome Midi Translator 1.81 resets every few weeks...

I've been having a strange problem, and it has occurred at different times on both my Live Looping laptops:

My Bome Midi Translator 1.81 resets every few weeks... it comes up fresh, warns that it is going to install the Virtual Midi ports, and then starts with only 1 VMidi and no recognition of where I've stored the usual setup that loads every time when the problem works normally...

Any idea what is happening? Thanks in advance,

Robert Thomas

Hi, you’re the second user who reports such behavior. Which OS and version are you on?
Has there been a system restore or similar?
If you’re on Windows, check out the Event Viewer if anything suspicious is listed there which could have led to removal of this file:
You can get there like this:
1. open Windows Explorer
2. In the address bar, type: %APPDATA%
3. click on folder Bome

I’ve had one or two times that I have lost the settings file. I have not been able to pin it down yet. I’m on Windows 10.
I suggest that perhaps a good workaround is to make periodic backup copies of the bmts file that Florian defined. It won’t solve the problem but may make it easier to recover when it happens next. I will continue to keep my eyes out to see if I can faithfully re-create the problem. It seems to me that it happens when I load someone else’s project file that have ports defined that I don’t have on this system Again, just my suspicion right now.

We’ve just had another report like this! Bob, which version of Windows do you use?
We consider adding auto-backups for the settings file into MT Pro. So that if the settings file is missing, just use the latest backup.
But of course it would be even better to know the cause!

one other quick note: the VMidi settings are also reset back to 1 Bome Vmidi port with a long name — I use a setup with 9 Vmidi ports with short names… sooo… I’m using Windows 7 x64 on Lenovo T500 Thinkpads (2 of them, and both have had this problem every few months)… I also use Tobias Erichsen’s LoopMidi (I use Bome for the hardware Vmidis and LoopMidi for the software, e.g. to loop between Mobius and Ableton Live and to loop Midi control scripts from Ableton Live back into itself)… both systems are relatively clean since they are only used for music, although both have antivirus, orig Bitdefender and now Avira Free… but the antivirus has changed and the problem has remained the same… thanks for the notes… and I always back up my Midi setups whenever they change in any way, so it’s not been a big problem, just a nuisance that I have to go and find the folder and load the setting… but it could be a problem for me since I use the laptops for live looping gigs and it would be annoying to boot up and find that Bomes MT didn’t initialize the set

This topic is not entirely resolved in version 1.8.2.
A new thread can be read here: