Bome Midi Translator 1.9 for Serato


I find the BMT extremely complex, and that saying something considering I’m a senior web developer who work with some of the most complex programming languages.

I have a DENON DN-HC1000S which I was trying to map to Serato DJ which allows any midi notes etc.

I followed pretty much all tutorials online and done a lot of reading but simply nothing helped.


I have a File select Encoder that stops after 127 ±, I followed a tutorial that should have made it indefinite but I miserably failed, I picked up a config file you have uploaded as an example and it works like charm but seems to be ultra complex to implement…

Such a shame, this software can accomplish wonders, but it is just NOT EASY to setup at all.

I am sure if I had your knowledge it would have been a PIECE of cake… but I just can’t gasp it and being a dev, this has made the whole experience even more frustrating…

The setup should be really easy… this links below explains how Serato Custom Mapping works…

Select function… choose button and assign it to the function. In most instance it seems that it’s always the same value is being sent and the software asks you if you want to override.

Why can’t this just be simple!!!

Also, If I want to create a condition… EG…

Button 1 send VALUE 1 … SHIFT + Button 1 Send Value 2…

Shouldn’t this software makes this all simple… it’s overwhelmingly pain in the (WHATEVER) but a true frustrating pain!!!

Hi, I’m sorry that it is difficult for you but it appears you have it figured out. I’m not sure if you have a question or whether you are just communicating that you are looking for an easier user interface. For now, I assume the latter, however if you need a question answered, we are still here to help.

I will pass along your request about simplifying the programming/user interface.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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