Bome Midi Translator and OBS Studio with Powerpoint

Quirky problem maybe someone has some experience with. I use Bome Midi translator Pro to select Powerpoint slides and OBS Studio scene changes via program changes in my midi files. Everything works fine when streaming. However if I try to record in OBS Studio I start getting wrong slides selected and random scene changes at random times. If I stop recording it returns to normal. Problem only occurs when trying to record. Am I injecting too much data too fast?

Do you have any MIDI plugins on OBS Studio? Normally OBS Studio does not recognize MIDI at all unless there is a MIDI helper plugin? Are you translating keystrokes to MIDI or just using MIDI? If the former, keep in mind that incoming keystrokes will NEVER BE SUPPRESSED by MT Pro while it is doing it’s translation. So if you have hotkeys set up on OBS Studio, it may be reacting to the incoming keystrokes in addition to MIDI message you are sending.

I’d probably need to look at your project file to help further.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Thanks for the advice, Steve. I will check that out.