Bome MIDI Translator Classic: Why is license required for personal use?


As mentioned on the page below, MIDI Translator Classic is free for personal use. So, my question is, why do I need to wait every time before using it? Also, why does it ask to enter a license key when I am only using it for personal (non-commercial) work?

I just want to get rid of the waiting time every time I start it.

Also, I have observed that the setting to start it with Windows does not work. Even if it is enabled, it does not start automatically when I start my computer. I am Windows 10 Pro.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you!


Thanks for your question.

Bome MIDI Translator Classic IS free for personal use, however as you said you will get a “purchase reminder” screen at startup which cannot be disabled without a license key. It was developed well before Windows 10 was available so Startup might not be the same as originally designed and there is no new development happening on MT Classic edition. You might want to try putting a shortcut to it in your Windows Startup folder to see if that helps, directly enter it into the Windows Registry (if you know what you are doing) or write a small startup script. (batch file, Windows Power Shell, AutoHotkey)

MT Classic is simply available to users for personal use as a convenience. Bome Software makes the decision on how it sells and licenses all of its products. I will pass your concern on.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist



Hi Steve,

Thank you for your reply. I understand your points.

Regarding startup issue, yes, I was able to get it sorted through registry. It is working that way, thanks.

Regarding personal use, it would be really appreciable if we can get a personal use license key, or even one that costs may be $5 or so. That way we would be able to enjoy without the nagging reminder and also support Bome.

Thanks again for your time. I will look forward to some update on the above.


Hi, adding to Steve’s explanation: the logic is not “it is free therefore you shouldn’t endure the purchase reminder”. The logic is: “we’ve spent a lot of time and resources into development. As a courtesy, we allow personal use without a payment”. But nothing prevents personal users from purchasing a license to remove that nag screen. EUR 29 is not a lot of money for most users. But we know that currency exchange and personal income situations makes such a payment very difficult for some users. In that case, please ask for a discount at . Thanks!

Hi Florian,
Sorry for the inconvenience. I agree and respect the time and efforts you have put in the development. It’s free and that is the only reason I thought to check if there could be some better possibility to get away with the purchase reminder.
Please check your email, I have replied to you.
Thank you.