Bome Midi Translator Event Log not registering signals

I’m using the free trial version of the Bome Midi Translator Pro. I have a Yamaha DD-75 drum set hooked up via a Windows USB to my Windows laptop. My goal is to have the Translator output the F and J keys on a computer keyboard being pressed, and I want to “press” them by hitting the snare and bass tom on my drumset.

The program can read the MIDI signals from my drumset just fine, but after I’ve configured everything in the way that I’ve been shown works (via this tutorial, nothing shows up in the event log. Can I just not emulate a keyboard this way on the trial version? Have I missed something?

A picture of my workspace currently (I can post more if needed): Bome Midi Translator Problem - Album on Imgur

Hi and welcome to the Bome Community!

My guess is you don’t have the incoming trigger set correctly. If you check MIDI IN, and you see that but not the incoming event, perhaps you have the incoming event set for only one value. Change it to any value and you should see the both MIDI IN and Incoming and then it should work for you.

The trial version works just like the paid version except the trial version times out every 20 minutes where the paid version does not.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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