Bome Midi Translator Pro automatic preset switcher (Script Included)

Hello, a friend of mine did this script to autoswitch preset in Bome Midi translator in regards of the software used ! i put here the read me and the link to GitHub for the one who is interested. it uses AutoHotKey for doing this. Hope it can be of any help for someone else here as me ! Thanks to Steve from Bome to have helped to give the right way to achieve this !

Bome Midi Translator Pro (MTP) is a software used to map input controllers (keystroke, midi in, serial, ...) to output controllers (keystroke, midi out, serial, mouse...). My friend Didier is using it a lot, because of his disabled hands, mouse and keyboard can be painful for him. Consequently, he prefers using his midi devices (midi pad, midi usb keyboard) to control his softwares (VEGAS video editing, Cubase sequencer...). He have define several presets in MTP, one for each software, allowing him to reuse the same midi controller for different task depending of the software he use. Manually switching between MTP presets each time you change software is not convenient, so Didier ask me to develop a software to help him.

The idea was to detect the Window which has the focus, and if the windows title is a known software which has a defined MTP preset, send a hotkey to MTP to switch to this preset. AHK seems to be a good way to do that on Windows and as this script can be useful for others, I've decided to put it on GitHub.

Interesting. Thanks for posting!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist