Bome MIDI Translator Pro & Premiere Pro video rewind please help :(


I started to use Premiere Pro for editing videos and I also have old Pioneer DDJ-WEGO3. So I asked myself why not use to edit videos. More detailed I want to rewind with DDJ-WEGO3 over wheel, mark and cut … I can easly assing simple commands like play (space) , double speed … that just simple key presses.
When I rotate the wheel I et:

Translator 1.1: New Translator
Options: swallow
Incoming: Control Change on ch. 1 with CC#:34 (0x22) and value:65 (0x41)
Outgoing: (none)

However what the Outgoing command to tell Premiere Pro to rewind forward (or back). Can’t find anything about this :unamused:

Hope someone can help :thinking:

I found the Premiere Pro default keyboard shortcuts here.

You will need to ensure the Premiere Pro is the currently focused application to use them.

It looks ‘R’ while in the capture panel is rewind although you might want to use one of the wheels to shuttle or jog instead.

I hope this helps!

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The MIDI mapping for your controller can be found here.

Thank you for DDJ-WEGO3 mapping … I was thinking way way too complicated. I had to assign arrow key to DDJ-WEGO3 :man_facepalming:Work like charm…

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