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Hi everyone!

I couldn’t find any info so I must apologize if this has already been asked.

For a few weeks now I’ve been trying to launch python scripts through the ‘execute file’ option in Bome. First try was on a windows pc, actually worked for a few hours, and then nothing. I’ve now been trying this on a MacBook, not working at all.

The script itself was designed to do this :
I’m using a controller to scroll up and down my libraries, but there’s a big drift on the mouse’s cursor. Script detected the highlighted part in ableton to move the cursor there, whenever the right midi message was sent.

So, the big question is, does it have to do with the python script ? Is it possible to do all of this without actually using any scripts ? Or should I try other tools, such as AppleScript ?

Anyway, thanks for reading <3

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

The command line interface on both Windows and Mac is very picky about the placement of quotation marks, and spaces between words. Usually there is a bit of trial and error to get the right command line with parameters. Also, for Python the command should be python.exe (on Windows) with the parameters the name of the python program that you want to execute. If the executable is not in your path, then you would need to run the command with the full pathname (i.e. c:\python27\python.exe ) and then put the parameters on the parameter line. Again be careful of position of quotation and spaces).

On my MacBook, the same goes and should also include paths. You can also use AppleScript.

For me, on Windows I usually call a batch script or AutoHotKey Script. On Mac, I usually call a shell script in my $HOME/bin directory.

My advice is to try running the script manually using CMD (on Windows) or sh (on Mac) and then do a bit of trial and error until it works using Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

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