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Hi, I was just wondering if there’s any way for me to see all the variables that are currently being used in a BOME MIDI Translator Project. I’ve been tracking my use of each variable in a spreadsheet separately and making changes accordingly as I free them up or use them, but I figured I’d ask if there’s a feature or another easier way to do this that you know of.

Also as a side question, sorry if I’m misinterpreting - I currently have version 1.8.4 Build 962. I was looking at the version history change logs (Version History | Bome Software) and I saw that 1.9 would have “more global variables:
ga…gz,g0…g9,…z9 (excluding 10 local variables oo…xx): 710 total global variables.”
I currently have ga through gz, g0 through g9, all the way alphabetically through na-nz/n0-n9. Then I have y and z variables in that same format. Am I interpreting it right that 1.9 would have usable global variables for everything after “n” and before “y” now? (so o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x)?


If your global variable is set to other than zero, then you will see them in the log window if you dump global variables. You will not see any global variables that way that are set to 0.

What I usually do is set up a translator to initialize all global variable (or document them if they do not need initialization). That way I can track all of my used variables used in my project in the rules of one translator.

With 1.9 you have global variable with all of the letters that start with o-x that have second letters that are not the same as the first. This is in addition to the other global variables. Anything in the range o-x that has the same second letter remains to be a local variable.

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