Bome MT Pro controlling two games at once

Hello! I am currently having trouble trying to run two applications with one keyboard. I’m currently using a Nord Electro 6D as the controller. The two applications I am trying to control at the same time is Elden Ring and Embers Piano Visualizer. Basically when I stream on Twitch, I want to be controlling the game with my piano but also have Embers visualizer displaying the notes I am inputting. I followed CZR’s tutorial on YouTube to get one game to work. But now I’m trying to be complicated and control both the game and the visualizer at the same time. :sweat_smile:

I believe Elden Ring is running through USB MIDI (the nord) into Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual Out. Embers allows me to choose my input and output. I’ve tried multiple combinations of USB MIDI, Translator 1, Translator 2, etc. for both input and output. The closest I seem to get is being able to control Elden Ring just fine, but Embers either is not reading my piano OR occasionally it will read a note but play a different one. For example if I play a G3 it registers as Eb4.

I feel like I’m close to the solution, but I am fairly new with this program and routing. If anyone can give me any tips or pointers on what I may be doing wrong and how to get this to work, I would greatly appreciate it! And here’s a quick sketch of what I’m trying to do.


Hi, and welcome to the community!

If you don’t need an translations, you can use different Virtual Ports to both applications. In the attached example, I’ve create the following aliases. You will need to assign the Nord Electro to your actual device.


Then in your applications assign your input to Elden Ring to BMT 1, and Embers BMT 2.

Then anything you send from your Electo should send to both devices.

If you need translations, then you will need to add translators for that. We have tutorials here.

Here is a snapshot of the MIDI Routing I did in MT Pro to make this happen.

Route-to-2-applications.bmtp (749 Bytes)

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Hello Steve! This reply helped a ton and I have it all up and running now! Thank you so much!

That’s great! I’m glad everything worked out.