Bome Network: export/import needed


After using Bome Network Pro for some time now I arrived at the situation where building and rebuilding virtual ports and routing rules becomes a real pain.

Yes, Bome Network Pro is a breeze to use when you are just starting, but after a while, there is so much information stuffed in it, that once you loose it, it makes you want to cry.

So, please, pretty please, is it possible to expand Bome Network Pro to support export and import?


Hi, and welcome back!

I agree that an import and export function would be useful and I believe it is on the roadmap. In the interim, you can look at this post which tells you where the settings files are located. You can take a working settings file an copy it with a new name for later recovery.

When you are ready to go back to your saved file:

  1. Shutdown Bome Network
  2. Save existing “BomeNet.bmts” to a different name (in case you want to revert to it again)
  3. Rename your previously saved (exported) file to “BomeNet.bmts”
  4. Restart Bome Network

I know this is not optimal, however is a suggestion until such time an import/export feature is available.

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Another solution might be to use a batch file to copy such directory/file to a separate directory/file. This could be setup at whatever timing you’d like (twice per day/daily/weekly…etc…)

I’ve done this a lot with my gaming data backup.

Just a thought!


Yes, and if you notice, there are several backup copies of your settings files available in case you need to use a previous setting.


I’ll export/import manually for now.

+1 for import and export functionality. The lack of this feature has been driving me nuts over the past since starting to use Bome Network because I’ve been trying so many different things. It’d be so much easier just to import and export.