Bome Network Force Ethernet Only

This pertains to Bome Network (without Bomebox). I have both Wifi and Ethernet connected and need both for my two computers.

Is it possible to force the Bome Network to only communicate by the ethernet ports? The jitter is pretty bad and I’m making an assumption here that it’s because Wifi is being grabbed.


In the Bome Network tool in settings. There is a place where you can exclude networks. You should be able to add your WiFi Network there and it will only use ethernet.

  1. Open Bome Network tool and click the gear icon.

  2. Click Network settings

  3. Click the ‘+’ button to add a network you want excluded.

  4. Your current networks will then show. Click on the network that you want to exclude. This would be your WiFi network.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Thanks Steve with your advice I seem to be getting there. I’ve excluded the WIFI network and this is proven because I can’t see the Mac from the PC side now. :wink: I can however see the PC from the Mac.

To solve seeing the Mac from the PC I’ve added a firewall inbound rule with the current ethernet IP. Did not solve it.

Does it seem like a firewall issue now?

Whoa suddenly started working. Maybe it took some time for the firewall to resolve?

Now the issue is there’s no ‘connect’ button on the Bome Network PC side.

I have been able to press ‘connect’ button from the Bome Newtork on the Mac side.

This is likely a firewall issue. Please open up UDP 37000 on your ethernet connection and that should solve it.