Bome network midi router merger and spliter

Hi Steve,

I recently bought the Virtual Midi Port Option for BOME Network. But despite routing the virtual IN to the OUT, I can not manage to merge my signal. Actually nothing gets through…

I want to merge two midi signal:

  1. Keyboard note signal from an Arturia keystep pro (USB MIDI)
  2. Clock Signal from a SND Acme4 (DIN MIDI in a midi I/F)
    Into a synth INPUT (USB Midi)

I did a screen shot of my routing below.
Hope you will see some obvious mistake I still can not grasp.

Thank you.

For merge

IN: Arturia KeyStep32 → OUT: Merger SNDClock Keystep Virtual Out
IN: ESI MBU ex 9 → OUT: Merger SNDClock Keystep Virtual Out

An example of a Split would be

IN: Physical Controller1 → Out MyNamed\VirtualPort1
IN: Physical Controller1 → Out MyNamed\VirtualPort2

Most of the times, I use In to Out but there are some cases you might want to use In to In. Key in MIND the Out on Virtual ports are usually inputs to other applications.

Let me know if this works for you.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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It does help a lot Steve, thank you!
Plus I was also able to route the OUT of the my Virtual port doing the merge to any OUT destination.

Though I can not manage to use other dedicated Virtual port for synth Editor.
Both of my synth Editor are not able to use the Virtual port but (more obviously) are working well with the real thing.

Any idea what I do wrong here?


MIDI ports cannot be shared so each application will need it’s own Virtual MIDI port. Here is how I configured something similar with my Pacer foot pedal. This allows me to use the Chrome Editor without having to reconfigure anything although I have to ensure I’m not trying to do something else when I’m running the online editor.

Since I’m more of a “picture” person. I actually had to draw it out and then used the lines I drew to determine the proper routing.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: