Bome Network Pro from a NAT'd computer to the public internet

Hi. I can’t connect to Bome Network Pro on a cloud instance. All ports are open in the cloud server. Do I need a port forward rule for my local Bome Network Pro?

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For automatic discovery, the devices need to be on the same network. If you want to manually set things up you should be able to do so but you would need to set up your router IP routes so that your local computer knows how to get to your cloud server and visa versa.

Personally, I have never connected Bome Network Pro outside of my local network.

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Thanks Steve. The discovery part is not a must for this setup.

When you say IP routes, it does know how to get to the cloud and viceversa. What is not configured is port forwarding on my local network. Does BOME need to connect the port from the remote computer to my local network?

I you have a connection between computers but do not show remote MIDI ports on your local computer, it is likely that all you have to do is expand the connection using the Bome Network tool and turn on Remote Direct MIDI port switches on the local computer and then you should be able to access your remote ports.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Hi Pablo,
Bome Network operates like this:

  1. discovery via UDP on port 37000. For LAN’s, this is sent via broadcast. For “Connect to IP address…”, the discovery is sent directly to that IP address: as UDP packet to that IP on port 37000.

  2. The discovery responds to the local computer the TCP port number of the remote computer (usually also 37000, but in rare cases, a different port). The actual data connection is then done on that TCP port to the remote IP address.

You can change the port number in Settings->Network Settings (but need to do so on all instances of Bome Network).

Note that this scheme does not work well through NAT… Bome Network is not really meant to work over the Internet.

I hope that helps some.