Bome Network Questions and Linux CLi

Hello all,

I want to step into the world of (network)Midi and I have a few questions to check: what I want is possible, before I’m buying a BomeBox, translator license and other hardware.

What I want to do:
I have some Allen and heath Mixers QU-PAC, QU-24, AVANTIS that I want to control over Network midi.
I have read and seen that this is possible (with Bomebox and translator pro license) so no doubt about that.

do I need to make a translation file for each Mixer and activate the dedicate translation when I want to use this?

I want to use my Laptop to Fire Scenes on a mixer with QLAB (over midi with Bome Network)
i want to control A few channels with a Midi Controller (Behringer X-Touch extender & Behringer X-Touch mini)
I know this should be possible when hooked up directly to the Bomebox.
But I want to have this remotely connected to the BomeBox:
Can I connect these 2 midi Devices to one small (Singleboard) Computer (raspberry or other linux capable device) and connect over WIFI or over Network cable to the bomebox?

i have read that in the last version the linux and raspberry version is available, but I did not found any documentation about this.
is the Bome network for linux Command line based? or does it only work with a desktop environment?

I Really hope somebody can help me with these questions.
Many Thanks

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

I know BomeBox will support dLive, GLD, Qu, SQ, and iLive series but have not heard about AVANTIS support. Perhaps it is possible, however I don’t see any documentation on this.

I also heard there may be some situations with multiple Allen & Heath devices where self discovery may not work. I think this may be tied to the device type settings themselves, so would double check with Allen & Heath if there are any situations where multiple A&H devices on the same network have any issues. This would not necessary be a BomeBox issue and we could certainly set up BomeBox to manual connect to a device. I’m just not familiar with some of the intricacies of some of the A&H devices.

You could use a single MT Pro Project file loaded on your BomeBox to talk to all of your devices with translators set up for each if you want to control them simultaneously.

Yes, this would be possible

Yes, this is possible.


If you Linux devices recognizes the devices and Bome Network runs on the version of Linux you are using, then yes, it should work. Keep in mind that MT Pro will not run on LInux yet.

I have personally tested Bome Network with both Raspberry PI and Ubuntu Linux (latest version). My tests to date have been primarily that Bome Network will run on these platforms ( I can see the GUI running and can connect to Mac, PC, BomeBox , iOS and other Linux versions)

They run under a desktop environment as a GUI. To run them you download, unzip and then simply run the executable which are in ELF executable format. I was able to just click in file manager on ubuntu but had to run them under a shell command line for RPi.

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Hey Steve,

Thanks for the detailed answers:
one answer raised an other question:

I’m planning to use a setup that always have a BomeBox in the network.
when I have a midi device, connected to a raspberry or normal computer.
wich is connected by network to the BomeBox:
Is the translation of the midi from the raspberry, in the BomeBox?
so i do not have to run MIDI Translator Pro actively?
I’m looking for a headless setup, I will make translation projects In advance and want to do a one time configuration before start of a show. and not have tinker around with it when shows are live.

Just a thought:
I would really love to see a Command line version for the Bome Network software.
maybe it can run on some really cheap low spec hardware like: a Rock pi S, or a Raspberry Pi Zero W, imagine the possibilities: build your own midi hardware with Bome Network integration :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now, BomeBox will just see your single Linux network MIDI port and all physical ports attached to your Linux Box will be recognized on that single network connection so it will be hard to tell which hardware port on your Linux machine is sending the MIDI (unless you separate by MIDI CH). At some point in the future, we will implement Remote MIDI Direct on BomeBox which should allow you to see the attached MIDI devices on your Linux machine separately.

You can run MT Pro project on BomeBox but it will have these restrictions until such time we have Remote MIDI Direct running on BomeBox firmware.

I can pass your request along about a CLI for Bome Network but there are no promises here. The current Linux GUI versions where just released last month for the first time ever.

Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services: