Bome Network Software without BomeBox

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I have Translator Pro and Bome Unlimited Named Ports. I do not have, and do not plan to purchase, Bome Box. I am wondering if there is a benefit to purchasing Bome Network software.


Since unlimited Named ports I think is an add on to Bome Network Pro, then probably. I know the Beta release of Bome Network Pro is currently free. But am not sure if unlimited named ports is available with a non-Pro license when it goes into production. I will check and let you know.

Of course if you have multiple computers and want to share connections between them, you will need Bome Network Pro or rtp-MIDI. I’ve tried both and find that Bome Network Pro is much easier to run. No complicated setup settings to establish.

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Hi, currently there is:

  1. Bome Network – free tool for MIDI connections computer to BomeBox(es)
  2. Bome Network Pro – add-on for Bome Network to allow connections computer-to-computer. No BomeBox necessary.
  3. Unlimited Named MIDI Ports – add-on for Bome Network to create and route virtual MIDI ports on the computer. The Pro license or BomeBox are not necessary. This is currently only available in the beta version of Bome Network.

So we plan to keep 2. and 3. independent. You can purchase Unlimited Named MIDI Ports without owning the Pro license.

NB 1: Bome Network Pro is, unfortunately, not a good name. We plan to rename it so that the name has at least a vague correlation with what it does. For example Bome Network C2C: computer-to-computer.

NB 2: we plan more add-ons to come for the Bome Network tool.

Thanks for he clarification, Florian!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Thank you both