Bome Network v1.6.0 is "no network devices found. scanning..." behaviour new in this version?

Unsure if v1.5.0 behaved like this but just installed v1.6.0 and it shows ‘No network devices found. Scanning…’ even though I don’t have the network licence or any bome boxes, and don’t want to use it for networking, just MIDI routing.

Would like to know what CPU load this might add and, as a feature request, it would be nice to be able to switch off all network scanning for when just using as MIDI Router.

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Make sure you have your discovery turned on and the Network Port at 37000.
Both devices will need to be on the same network. If they are not, you can manually add a device on a different network but your router will need to know how to find it.

This is in the Bome Network Tool ‘Network Settings’ Page.

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Oh, sorry, I read this again and you don’t want to discover them. Just uncheck ‘Use Auto-Discovery’.


I had tried changing the Auto Discovery setting

but now shows same message plus warning about Auto Discovery

For reference these are my main settings

You can safely ignore the warning about auto-discovery since you are not using the network features.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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(apologies for the second post - was not used to the posting process - know for next time :-))

Hi Steve, I have tried switching the ‘Use Auto-Discovery’ to ‘off’

and now it shows the ‘Warning: auto-discovery is switched off’ as well as continuing to show ‘‘No network devices found. Scanning…’

Yes, perhaps the scanning message should be turned off because if auto-discovery is enabled, there really isn’t any scanning going on (except for local Unlimited Named MIDI Ports).

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Hi Andrew, thanks for posting!

As Steve correctly pointed out, the word ‘Scanning…’ is actually not true when you’ve turned out automatic network discovery.

For context, BN 1.6.0 does not behave differently than 1.5.0. We’ve just added this notice ‘no network devices found, scanning…’, so that new users to BN will be guided that they don’t need to use the ‘Connect by IP’ functionality.

Probably it’s best to not show this notice when auto discovery is turned off. I would like to keep that warning, though, because it will help users to find out why their MIDI network is not connecting automatically.


Thanks for the clarification (which is good to understand) and I understand the thinking about the warning.

Maybe the warning could have a ‘dismiss’ option for the message (e.g. using the X close icon) with the message displayed again every time Automatic Network Discovery was switched from On to Off - maybe something to consider for a future release?

good idea, thanks!