Bome Networks launches Off Screen on New Install

Preamble: Set up Bome Network 1.6.0 10 weeks ago on my single-screen laptop (on-the-road gig performance machine) with no problems (this was for me to be able to use the Unlimited Named MIDI Ports feature).

Now at home and …

The Issue: Installed the same version of Bome Network on my main desktop with an oddball screen setup (3 screens with the center screen as the primary and the two side screens rotated in portrait layout) and the Bome Network main window shows up off-screen.

I kind of figured out this was happening and did the funky Shift Right-click [Move] thing and arrow keys then was able to move the Bome Network window onto the screen, but this could be a real show-stopper for someone who has not encountered this situation before …

Not sure if it is because of my odd screen setup …

Here’s my screen setup:

(the two black rectangles above the center screen are near-field speakers)


Is it possible that you changed your screen configuration between separate launching of Bome Network. The configuration file that controls screen locations, dark and light mode and MIDI routing on Windows is %AppData\Bome\MIDITranslatorPro.bmts.

This is a text file and the entries for screen location looks like this:


This is how it is set on my Windows PC. Yours might be different.

Keep in mind that you cannot just delete this file if there are MIDI routings that you want to keep as they are loaded there also. You can edit the file but I suggest that you close Bome Network First as it also writes to this file as you move your GUI around the screen.

Of course there are Windows shortcuts that can also help re-center but I don’t off hand remember what they are.

The configuration file is backed up automatically periodically so if MIDI routes have not changed, you can also revert to a backup by copying it to the file name above.

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Thanks Steve!

I’m working with Bome Network here, so I think the relevant file is BomeNet.bmts … however, the entries are similar in that parameters file …

… and … this issue happened on the first app launch after installing Bome Network, so I think the .bmts file should have been pristine from the installation process. That file does not seem to be backed up on my system (all my backup version have FirstTime=0, which seems to indicate that the app had already been launched when that BMTS had been written).

Yes, I’m not quite sure, but perhaps there is something that needs to be looked at regarding screen geometry when opening. I will ask Florian to check into it.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:
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Hi, thanks for reporting this problem! Bome Network does check (to some degree) that it is visible when being launched. However, as you can imagine from your photo, it is surprisingly difficult to determine if a given screen location is visible. The default is the center of the main monitor, but maybe that failed for some reason.

I’ll record this as a bug and report back here when there is an update.

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