Bome Won't Recognize Input From Maschine

Hello there. I am trying to configure my Native Instruments Maschine Mk2 to control BlackMagic Davinci Resolve and ATEM software. I’m using Bome MIDI Translator and I want to set it so it recognizes the inputs from the Maschine and translates them into hotkey commands. Bome is not recognizing any inputs from the Maschine. It recognizes it as a piece of hardware connected, and Davinci does too, but none of the buttons seems to trigger anything in the “incoming message” section in Bome. I’ve looked through several of the tutorial videos on YouTube, and tried messing with several different things in the configuration in Bome. Any ideas?

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I believe Maschine has a stand alone mode and a MIDI mode somewhere it its setup instructions. You must set it up for MIDI mode before it will send any MIDI. Then set your incoming port to whatever your computer names your Maschine. Once you get that, open the log window and move some controls to be sure you are getting MIDI IN. If you don’t see any MIDI in, then you either don’t have the Maschine set up correctly or the input port you have set up is incorrect.

Once you can confirm you have incoming MIDI then you can work on translating that to outgoing keystrokes.

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