Bomebox abilities?

Hi- I've recently acquired a Bomebox and am wondering if I may also need MIDI translator pro, or if I'm just expecting behaviour that doesn't exist.

I'll describe what I *currently* have working before getting the Bomebox:

  1. Ipad that runs Onsong app that outputs MIDI across wifi to router.
  2. Iphone that runs Luminair lighting software, picks up that MIDI data via wifi from router.
  3. Iphone then outputs Art-net from Luminair via wifi to router, and router (DHCP server) outputs that via RJ-45 to DMXking eDMX1 PRO which talks to the DMX lights.

All I'm hoping to really do is to add the ability to get MIDI from the Ipad to a 5 pin DIN to feed to a couple of guitar/vocal processors (MIDI In).

Since the Bomebox already has the wifi and RJ-45's, I thought I could probably eliminate my existing router and just have the Bomebox do those functions. So to that end, I reconfigured the Bomebox as ethernet master, and connected the Ipad and Iphone to it's wifi router. So far so good, until I try to get the DMX box to work from the RJ-45 ports of the Bomebox. Am not sure if it's even outputting MIDI to the DIN, though it seems to pass it successfully via wifi to the Iphone/Luminair.

Is it possible I need MIDI translator pro to help with the routing, or is there something simpler I'm not seeing? Thanks for any help!


From what I'm hearing, you may want to have WiFi and Ethernet on the same network. To do this, you would need to bridge with WiFi and Ethernet connections on your BomeBox.

This can be done in advanced configuration (if you know what you are doing). Either that or set up a route from your WiFi network to your DMX box on ethernet. Again done in advanced configuration.

Advanced networking setup is beyond the scope of the support for this forum, however so you would pretty much be on your own here.


As far as MIDI routing over a network to your BomeBox MIDI DIN port. Bome Network supports Mac and PC (and BomeBox) only. IOS/rtpMIDI is not supported.

If you want MIDI data from your iPad to get to your BomeBox MIDI DIN connector, you will likely need to use a Mac or a PC running rtpMIDI in between and then use that to route your MIDI out to Bome Network on your computer to your BomeBox. Then the BomeBox would know how to handle the incoming MIDI.

As far as needing MT Pro. BomeBox can do simple routing without an MT Pro project file running, however if you want advanced processing/translating on your BomeBox then yest you would need to order MT Pro. For what you describe right now, though it isn't necessary as you simply want to:

  1. Use the standard network router features of the BomeBox
  2. Route incoming MIDI from the network to your BomeBox MIDI DIN Port (Bome Network Required)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist



thanks for the quick response Steve, that is what I was afraid of: no way to get IOS/MIDI to the DIN... darn! Well, I'll see if I can figure some other way to connect to my ipad hub to get actual MIDI out some DIN connector on some other product. I'd still love to find a use for the Bomebox, though! Thanks again for the clarification.

One other question, Steve: can you weigh in on if this might help accomplish getting the ios to MIDI conversion done?

Looks like it might work. Not sure if it provides standard network routing capabilities though. Looks similar to the iConnectivity MIO4 in functionality that supports rtpMIDI. First time I’ve seen this one though.

I noticed an email on the same subject but noted it is marked as resolved here. Let me know if there are still any unresolved issues.